The Amalgam Monster Universe diverged‏‎ from the UNTOLD TALES OF AMALGAM fan fiction universe at a point shortly after the Second Wave Amalgam Comics occured, when Dark Claw battled Dracula, lord of the vampires, and had to become a vampire himself to defeat him. He hid this transformation from the rest of the world for a short while, but eventually succumbed to his lust for blood and power, and, luring Super-Soldier into a trap, fed on the hero. Due to Super-Soldier's alien-hybrid DNA, the vampire contagion did not fully metamorph the Man Of War into a vampire, but instead made him into a type of undead similar to a zombie, albeit with most of his mental faculties intact.

Unlike Dark Claw, who still maintained a twisted sense of justice, Super-Soldier developed a ravenous desire for living flesh and did little to keep it in check. A civil war erupted within the superhero community, one in which the casualties of war did not necessarily leave the battlefield. Doctor Strangefate determined that the original virus came from Dark Claw, and so believed he had to destroy the mutant in order to prevent the spread of the rapidly mutating plagues. Dark Claw's minions killed the psychic sorceror to stop this plan, and unknowingly opened the floodgates Strangefate held in check against a pantheon of dead gods, who began their own war against active deities such as the New Asgods and the Eternalypians.Once the emmisaries of these gods, like Thorion and Amazon, had been assimilated, things took a turn for the worse.

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