Absolute Flash

Absolute Flash

This version of the DC Comics superhero known as The Flash, hails from an alternate universe called Absolute DC .

Issue 4: Absolute PressureEdit

Skin starting to burn. The howl of the wind becoming unbearable. The thought of losing control and careening into a solid wall or off a cliff was beginning to set in. But the worst was this unshakable feeling that every second that passed is somehow getting longer and longer. But he knew what he had to do, what was most important, and the hundreds of miles between Los Angeles, CA and Lancaster County, PA wouldn't stop Barry Allen, which means he has to run faster than he has ever yet done!

Barry was born Bartholomew Allen, the son of Amish farmers Henry and Nora Allen in the Amish community of Nickle Mines, Pennsylvania. After completing his 8th grade education, Bartholomew chose to accept the ways of the modernized world outside the community, and so he left to live with the West family, former friends of his father who also left the Amish way of life. After graduating from high school, Barry worked a few remedial jobs to support himself while living in Los Angeles, California. Over time, Barry slowly realizes that he is beginning to work and perform at increasingly high rates; at first, he just thought it was just because of his exercise, until he found the need to run one day and he was enveloped in this brief cosmic vortex of synesthesia as all forms of sights and sounds rushed passed him! This lasted a few seconds and he then collided with the border fence between the the US and Mexico, heat rashes across most of his body and his clothes burnt. Upon returning home, he realized that he can now run and move at lightning-fast speeds, even though his body and mind cannot survive moving at these speeds. Still, even at speeds he can bear, Barry is still faster than the fastest recorded human on foot, so he decided to use his power as a professional athlete and movie stuntman. One day, while at a bank cashing in his latest check, it was attacked by several masked bank robbers, led by one who will later be identified as Samuel Scudder. Barry's instincts took over and he used his speed powers to take down the robbers and save their hostages. The people were amazed to have a real life hero in their city, much like the Superman from New York City, and they gave him a heroic name to go with his powers.

Barry became an over-night celebrity, and corporate sponsors helped him pay for a costume that is both fashionable and able to help him survive moving at higher speeds. He now defends LA from a variety of notorious and flamboyant villains, such as Captain Cold, the Weather Wizard, and Heat Wave. Barry's identity is public, so he can receive checks from the corporate sponsors advertising on his costume, but he doesn't much speak of his past so his enemies cannot find his family and harm them. However, that is not the case here...

In 2006, while hosting the superhero reality show“The Phone Booth”, Barry hears on the news about a school shooting and hostage situation in his birth town of Nickle Mines. Realizing that his former legal guardians, the Wests, have a nephew named Wallace who attends the same school. So Barry rushed into action! His costume is beginning to wear down, for they have never experienced this much speed over this much time before, and so he is beginning to lose track of his mind. He had to keep repeating his life story to himself to keep his sanity in check. When he finally reached the school, he confronted the shooter, Charles Roberts IV, who was about to shoot and kill Wallace. Barry thought he was too late when he tackled Roberts to the ground, but when he looked where Wallace was lying, he was gone! Somehow, Wallace has disappeared to somewhere and the only way Barry could figure is that he had developed super-speed like himself, that he had also become... a Flash!


  • Los Angeles stands in for the fictional Central City.
  • Living with the West family in LA during his high school years is where Barry meets his love interest, Iris West.
  • Wallace “Wally” West is now Iris's younger cousin instead of her nephew.
  • The Flash's costume allows him to adapt to friction, kinetic impact, reduced oxygen, and blurred senses while moving at high speeds.
  • The Flash's enemies, collective called the Rogues' Gallery, were secretly hired by Barry's sponsors to fight and lose to him, but they eventually got sick of losing all the time and now try to kill him for real, using the weapons they were given and that they've upgraded.
  • The bank robber, Sam Scudder, will join the Gallery as the Mirror Master.
  • The contestants of The Phone Booth reality show are normal people who crafted their own superhero identities: “Booster Gold”, “The Blue Beetle”, “Fire” & “Ice”, “Cpt. Atom”, “Rocket Red”, “Bloodwynd” and “Crimson Fox”.
  • The amish school shooting is based on the same real-life event from 2006.
  • Barry now seeks to find where Wally has disappeared to, and then discover the origin of their speed powers. Superman may help Flash with the former, but he first needs his help regarding the crisis of the upcoming Issue 15: Absolute Justice.
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