This version of the DC Comics superhero Green Lantern originates from the alternate universe known as Absolute DC . In this universe, the first Earthling to join the peace-keeping alien force known as the Green Lantern Corps, Hal Jordan, was dishonorably discharged from his duties and later replaced with Alexandra DeWitt (in the mainstream comics, DeWitt was the girlfriend of another human Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner, until her infamous murder at the hands of the evil Major Force; an alternate future version of her shows that she survived and became a Green Lantern).

Absolute Green Lantern

Absolute Green Lantern I&II: Hal Jordan (left) and Alex DeWitt (right).

Issue 5: Absolute JudgmentEdit

Eons ago, during the infancy of the universe, one of the first and most advanced species were the Oans, a race of extremely-intelligent beings who began developing a powerful and peaceful civilization based on their scientific research. The Oans who presided over Oa'sAdvancement Council included Ganthet, Lianna, Appa Ali Apsa, Sayd, and Krona. But Krona felt that the Council could not sufficiently promote intergalactic peace through the spreading of knowledge, but they should rather do so through the removal of criminals and terrorists from society... by any means necessary. Using a series of billions-strong nanobots, Krona was able to convert living beings into half-mechanical warriors at his command. Programmed with Krona's view of justice and law, the machines spread throughout the galaxy like a virus, killing and imprisoning any being who broke some form or other of law, no matter how minor.

The Oan Council were thought to be powerless against the forces of Krona, but their alignment with 5 neighboring planets, Qward, Ogatoo, Ysmault, Zamaron, and Odym, and their disengaged military technologies combined with their intelligence, created six powerful bodies made from living light, with the minds of warriors implanted into them. The energy warriors and the machines slew each other in the final battle, and the threat was finally neutralized. It was later discover ed that the nanobots have spread throughout the universe, infecting a handful of members of each species, but the programming was erased. The biological energy of the light warriors have also be imbued into the nanobots, allowing the beings to manipulate both to create any machine or structure they can mentally conceive. Creating a series of devices called “lanterns”, which will allow the beings to access their inert powers, the six planets created an intergalactic peace-keeping force called the Spectrum Lantern Alliance. The alliance is divided into six corps, each related to the six colors of energy within the nanobots: Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, Indigo and Blue.

Eons have passed since the formation of the SLA, and Abin Sur, a deceased member of it's Green Lantern Corps, had passed on his lantern to an Earthling military pilot named Harold “Hal” Jordan, the first human agent of the Spectrum Lantern Alliance. In 2005, a massive hurricane threatened Hal's home town of New Orleans, Louisiana, but at the time he was contacted to participate in a critical mission with the Spectrum Lanterns. Hal felt he made the right choice when he remained on Earth to neutralize the hurricane, using his nanotech to generate a miniature sun that evaporated the cool water the hurricane needed to sustain itself. After helping the populace rebuild, he was brought before the Guardians, the leaders of the Spectrum Lantern Alliance, on disciplinary c harges. He was found guilty of abandoning his duties and failure to follow orders, so he was stripped of his lantern and returned to Earth with no memory of his service in the GLC. Prominent members of the Spectrum Lantern Alliance, including Green Lantern Kilowog, Yellow Lantern Thaal Sinestro, and Indigo Lantern Iroque, convened with the Guardians of their corps in choosing a new Green Lantern to replace Jordan, concluding it should be another human. Jordan's lantern then traveled back to Earth and found a suitable replacement in a woman, a photojournalist, named Alexandra DeWitt.

Issue 16: Absolute LoyaltyEdit

One issue after the formation of the Absolute Justice League , Green Lantern Alexandra will find herself lost on an uncharted alien planet, finding help from a female bird-humanoid named Shayera Thal .


  • The six planets are each the headquarters of the six corps of the Spectrum Lantern Alliance:
  1. Oa = Green,
  2. Qward = Yellow,
  3. Ogatoo = Orange,
  4. Ysmault = Red,
  5. Zamaron = Indigo,
  6. and Odym = Blue.
  • Krona's robot army is based on the Manhunter androids.
  • Since the mainstream Indigo Lanterns don't have a known base, I replaced the Violet Lanterns with them to make Zamaron their HQ (the planet will still be connected to the Star Sapphire, however).
  • Each lantern conforms to the bearer's personality and memory, so each one is different. Hal's lantern was the shape of a ring, but when it was passed on to Alex DeWitt, it became the shape of a pinhole camera.
  • The colored light of the nanotech conceals the nanobots' formation into whatever tool or weapon the Lantern agent thinks of.
  • The intelligent, black-and-white nanofiber uniforms of the Lantern agents are stored in the lanterns themselves, and conform to the wearer's body when they need it.
  • The lanterns can be teleported to the bearer from any distance with mental activation, and adheres itself to the uniform when in use.
  • New Orleans stands in place of the fictional Coast City.
  • The 2005 hurricane Hal stops is Hurricane Katrina.
  • Other prominent SLA agents include Blue Lantern Sercy, Orange Lantern Larfleez, and Red Lantern Atros.
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