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In the universe of Absolute DC , an imprint of DC Comics, Dr. John Jones is a human astronaut infected with an alien parasite instead of the last survivor of an extinct alien race. To that end, John's name isn't spelled in an alien manner ("J'onn J'onzz") nor will he be called the "Martian Manhunter".

Issue 7: Absolute FugitiveEdit

Johnathan Xavier Jones, an African-American man, grew up in the
Absolute Martian Manhunter 2

Absolute John Jones (JL)

70s in rural southern America with his parents and twin brother Malcolm. When he was young, they were attacked in the night by a group of racist vigilantes who burned their house down and the rest of the family was murdered by hanging. John survived the ordeal, though he developed a fear of fire, and he was adopted his aunt and uncle after the killers were brought to justice. Afterwards, John was able to live a relatively normal life and overcome his pyrophobia through therapy. He joined the US Air Force right out of high school and served for 4 years. After his tour of duty ended, he held down a job to be able to pay for college and gain a degree in astrobiology. He later married his college sweetheart
Miranda and they later had a daughter, Kim.

In 2007, Dr. John Jones, astrobiologist and astronaut for the National Aeronautics and Space Association, was contracted for the first manned mission to the surface of Mars. The crew was successful in their landing, continuing their year-long research mission for the possibility of sustaining life on the Red Planet. During the mission, Dr. Jones discovered a hallow chasm and a frozen lake within. He then made the remarkable discovery of a small puddle of viscous, gray slime, possibly and finally corroborating the theory of life on Mars. The slime was collected and brought to their orbital shuttle base. As the year-long orbit and exploration of Mars concluded, the shuttle and its crew began their journey back to Earth. As this was happening, the sample of the biological material the astronauts collected somehow became sentient and attacked the crew as they began reentry into Earth's atmosphere. The chaos caused the shuttle to veer off course and crash into the Pacific Ocean. The only survivors of the crash were Dr. John Jones and Dr. Saul Erdel. As time passed in John's hospital room, he realized that his exposure to the biological substance had begun to change his physiology and mental status, but he wasn't the only one.

The Council for the Administration and Deterrence of Metahumans in the United States (CADMUS) had sent scientists and agents to collect Dr. Jones and Dr. Erdel, who had also been infected by the substance, and promised to cure them. As the days passed, the scientists working for CADMUS experimented on the men's changing bodies and minds, determining that the infection spreads in John when he is exposed to fire; the alien substance can read the hosts' subconscious and weaken them using their phobias and insecurities. John grew more and more restless as he demanded to be cured so he can return to his wife and daughter, but the research dragged on. John and Saul soon found out that CADMUS wasn't looking for a cure, they were trying to make the alien ooze into a weapon! They tried to escape, but Saul was soon captured and was personally executed by project director Dr. Donovan and this caused John to lash out and cause the soldiers intense pain with his new-found telepathic abilities. John escaped and made it back to his hometown of Detroit, Michigan, but the CADMUS agents ambushed him at his home. He tried to escape with Miranda and Kim, but they were frightened by his mutated appearance so he left them alone. John Jones is now on the run, tracked by the FBI's domestic satellite defense system, Codename: Manhunter. He managed to fall off the grid at around the same time the American government's living nuclear deterrent, the Superman , had gone rogue...

Issue 15: Absolute JusticeEdit

Dr. Jones, along with Superman and Aquaman , forms a team of meta-talented heroes to repel an alien invasion, becoming the Justice League.

TBA Future IssueEdit

Determined to find a cure for his infection, John will meet another fugitive of CADMUS: Oliver Queen.


  • His middle name is taken from “Carlos Xavier”, an alias used by the mainstream version.
  • His African-American identity is taken from the show “Smallville”.
  • His fear of fire, which he got from his family's death, is based on mainstream Martians being genetically weak against fire.
  • The racist vigilantes who killed John's parents and brother represent the mainstream villains, the White Martians.
  • In the mainstream comics, Saul Erdel was the scientist who accidentally teleported the alien John to Earth after the death of his species.
  • Other than telepathy, the alien parasite gives John limited shape-shifting, invisibility, and intangibility, usually focused around where his body is mutated into an alien shape.
  • John's hometown being Detroit is based on the mainstream version of him being the leader of "Justice League Detroit".
  • Codename: Manhunter is responsible for bringing in some of America's most dangerous fugitives, such as Kirk DePaul, Chase Lawler, and Katherine Spencer.
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