Absolute Green Arrow

Absolute Oliver Queen

This version of the DC Comics hero Green Arrow, who, in this universe, is only referred to by his normal name Oliver Queen, comes from the alternate universe known as Absolute DC.

Issue 9: Absolute SurvivalEdit

Oliver Queen was merely a normal man who lived a normal life. He was a well-paid researcher for a cosmetics company, a pillar of his community, a great athlete, and he had a blissful family life with his wife Anei Tomonago-Queen and their young son Robert. But then, one day, the Queens were attending their son's school olympics when Oliver, somehow, for some reason, blacked out.

The next thing he remembers is waking up in a confined room, flanked on all sides by armed guards and a couple of government agents. The agents, Agent Hackett and Agent Na Wei, introduce themselves as agents of Council for the Administration and Deterrence of Metahumans in the United States (CADMUS) and showed Oliver footage of what had transpired that day. The video is news footage of Oliver somehow losing control over his body and going on a rampage, using a bow and arrow set from the school olympics area and shooting many passers-by, including his wife and son, who died from their injuries. Seeing himself commit these atrocities on screen and having absolutely no memory of doing it himself drove Oliver into a rage, but he was rebuffed by the guards. The agents tell him that he was a sleeper agent for CADMUS, programmed to become a deadly killer when he is exposed to a combination of several trigger stimuli. When his programming was inadvertently triggered in a civilian setting, resulting in the 2-day-long massacre, CADMUS sent Agents Hackett and Na Wei to capture Queen and neutralize him. Unwilling to go down without a fight, Oliver seized a weapon from one of the guards and opened fire as he attempted to escape the facility. He ended up taking the bow and arrows confiscated from his programmed identity and he escaped into the woods.

It has been two years now, and no-one from Santa Fe, New Mexico had ever seen one of its most valued citizens since he went insane. Oliver Queen is presumed dead, but the memory of the slayings will not be forgotten. Meanwhile, in Arizona, a group of college ecology students from the state university had traveled to the Petrified Forest National Park. Among them was a young, blonde-haired woman named Dinah Lance. Dinah had gotten separated from her research group and ended up lost in the vast wilderness of the park. Ending up in a forested area late at night, Dinah was attacked by a mountain lion; when she let loose an ear-piercing shriek, an arrow struck the lion and killed it. Oliver revealed himself to her and took her to his encampment to treat Dinah's wounds. As Dinah was waking up in the morning, her rescuer was packing up his supplies and ready to move on, leaving the girl he rescued behind. She tried to get him to stay, but he simply said that he didn't want anyone else hurt because of him. And, as if on cue, the encampment was bombarded with stray sniper fire, volleyed from the itchy trigger finger of another CADMUS sleeper agent, Carrie Hartnell.

Dinah took shelter as Oliver shot Carrie square in the chest with an arrow at the climax of a lengthy fire fight. Just then, a swarm of more CADMUS agents overtook the area and gave Oliver chase. He disappeared by diving headfirst into a chasm with a river at the bottom. Dinah and her classmates were taken into custody to be debriefed, and Dinah still hopes for the day that they will meet again...


  • Oliver doesn't go by “Ollie” or “Green Arrow”. He's not a hero, he's a survivalist.
  • CADMUS isn't using the Manhunter system to track Oliver, unlike fugitive John Jones , since that would risk the public learning of a rogue government sleeper agent in their midst.
  • Unlike John, Oliver has nothing to look forward to if this ends. His wife and son are dead and all he is concerned with is living another day. He dares not to get involved with anyone else, lest he risks their safety, but he can't stop thinking about "that girl Dinah..."
  • Anei Queen is the normal version of Shado, who bore Oliver's son Robert in the original comics (albeit against his will).
  • CADMUS agents Hackett and Na Wei are based on the drug cartel bosses that Oliver first fought during his mainstream comics origin. The latter agent is Chien Na Wei (“China White”).
  • Santa Fe stands in place of the fictional Star City.
  • Dinah Lance will not get sonic-scream powers nor will she be called Black Canary.
  • CADMUS sleeper agent Carrie Hartnell is based on Green Arrow villainess Cupid.
  • Other archer characters in the Green Arrow mythos will be CADMUS sleeper agents, though not always using bows and arrows. In fact, Oliver will get angry at the agency for brainwashing kids like Roy Harper and Mia Dearden.
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