Absolute Wonder Woman

Absolute Wonder Woman

This alternate universe version of DC Comics heroine Wonder Woman originates from the DC imprint Absolute DC .

Issue 3: Absolute MiracleEdit

“Hippolyta” is the stage name of one of today's most prolific and popular singer/songwriters and a staunch advocate for LGBT rights and animal conservation. She is also quite infamous for her shocking fashions on stage and the red carpet and her fantastical and heartstrings-yanking lyrics, both heavily inspired by the legends of Greek mythology; her first #1 single, “Paradise Island”, is based on her real-life experience of being raped as a teenager, lyrically represented by the legend of the demigod Hercules seducing and raping the real Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazonia warrior women.

Off the stage and out of the spotlights, Hippolyta is a Greek national named Diana Creon, daughter of single mother Pauline Erics-Creon. Diana's father, a Greek sailor, died when she was very young, and she was raised in San Francisco, CA. At birth, she was diagnosed with an hereditary glandular disorder called Holloway-Byrne's Disorder, which is the hyperactive over-development of her endocrine system; without scheduled hormone therapy sessions, Diana would suffer the negative effects of accelerated development. Wanting to get better, 7-year-old Diana and her mother agreed to move into a research hospital run by the CDC, free of charge; the only one of these that studies rare hereditary diseases is located on a pair of islands in the US territory known as the Ulang Archipelago, in the Orient. As Diana grew older, her treatments became more effective, and she would only have to return during her summers off from school. At age 16, Diana was assaulted by her school's janitor Harold Campion and Pauline sued for $5 million in damages. Diana became quite vulnerable, and took to songwriting to ease the pain. By age 19, Diana was working in her local Taco Bell when she was heard singing by a recruiter from the Tisch School of the Arts in New York City, NY. One master's degree and meeting with Warner Music Group later, musical sensation Hippolyta was born! Believing that she can use her fame and fortune for the common good, she invented an outlandish stage persona to draw attention to herself and the important issues she wised to talk about. Twice a year, she would return from her busy schedule of touring and recording to receive her treatments; she is quite popular among the younger girls who are permanent residents of the facility and seen as their “big sister”. Elsewhere in her private life, Diana is currently dating Air Force pilot Steve Trevor.

In 2003, Diana and Steve were at the launch of the Space Shuttle Columbia, when the shuttle began smoking and careening off course. With the disaster impending, Diana's adrenaline kicked in and she found herself hijacking a stealth bomber in a suicidal attempt to save the crew. Unable to activate the guns to loosen the external tank and lighten the load, Diana ejected herself, landed on the shuttle and detached it with her bare hands! She disappeared into the Texan coast as the shuttle crashed landed into the same body of water, the crew still alive. Steve was grateful that Diana had survived and she realized what she could really do with her strength. She henceforth retired from her music career and began training under reputable kung fu master I Ching. Diana also began developing armor and several non-lethal weapons alongside American contractor Lucius Fox, the most reliable being a gold/iron alloy-mesh lasso. During the 2008 Greek riots, Diana traveled to her father's city of Athens to keep the peace and make her debut as the new superhero Wonder Woman!

Issue 15: Absolute JusticeEdit

Wonder Woman joins the superhero team that will later become the Absolute Justice League . (Coming soon...)


  • Diana's identity under the stage name Hippolyta is based on real life music star Lady Gaga.
  • Instead of falling back on Greek Mythology as a real thing in this world, the author decided to make Diana's strength part of a genetic disorder and make "Themiscyra/Paradise Island" into an island containing a medical research facility that studies and treats her disease.
  • Since Absolute WW "is now pretty much Wonder Woman if she was Batman", it was decided to reintroduce Lucius Fox as a weapons designer working with Diana instead of Bruce.
  • The name of her rapist, Harold Campion, was a human name used by the Mainstream DC version of Hercules.
  • Instead of "Prince” as her last name, it is “Creon”, which was the name of the prince of Thebes in the Greek legend of Oedipus.
  • “Pauline Creon” is based on “Polly Athena”, a human name used by Mainstream Wonder Woman's mother Queen Hippolyta.
  • Gateway City, a fictional DC city once defended by the usual Wonder Woman, is hereby replaced with the real city San Francisco, much like Metropolis replaced by NYC and Gotham by Pittsburgh.
  • Holloway-Byrne's Disorder is named after Elizabeth Holloway and Olive Byrne, the wives of William Moulton Marston, the psychologist who originally created Wonder Woman.
  • The disorder has given her above-average strength/speed/stamina/durability/reflexes/senses, which are enhanced with the introduction of adrenaline into her system.
  • The Ulang Archipelago is the Absolute version of Oolong Island.
  • The two islands that hold the CDC research hospitals are divided by the genders of the patients, female and male.
  • The younger female patients include versions of Donna Troy and Etta Candy.
  • The director of the female division of the facilities is Dr. Wu Mei-Xing.
  • Wonder Woman's costume is underlined with a thin polymer designed to counteract typical gunfire and sharpened weapons. The vital areas on the parts of her body not covered by her costume are actually protected by skin-colored polymer plates adhered to her skin with spirit gum.
  • The dyed-blue plexiglass face-guard has built-in motion and heat sensors.
  • Along with her lasso, Diana utilizes two gauntlets that are impact-proof and contain guns that fire rubber rounds to incapacitate.
  • Steve taught Diana how to fly a plane, a skill that she now uses with a compacted stealth jet designed by Lucius Fox.
  • Two of the older girls living at the Ulang research facility hold resentment towards Diana for being the only one capable of living on the outside with her disease. Priscilla Rich and Doris Zuel leave the island after making contact with Cassandra Colchis, a black-market dealer in illegal medical technology and implants; after selling their lives to her for the implants, which enhanced their bodies and gave them powers of their own, they attacked Diana in her civilian home as the criminals Cheetah and Giganta.
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