Academy of Evil Mutants is a fusion of Marvel's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and Dc's HIVE Academy. They are enemies of X-Titans


  • Brother Magnus AKA Sebastian Lensher (Magneto + Brother Blood) (Leader)
  • Gremlin AKA Gizmo Toinsby (Toad + Gizmo)
  • Polarix AKA Lorna Lensher (Polaris + Jinx)
  • Psimind AKA Simon Wyngarde (Mastermind + Psimon)
  • Wildboar AKA Barah Dukes (Blob + Mammoth)
  • Huntress AKA Raven Kyle (Mystique + Catwoman)
  • Rampage AKA Cain Dorrance (Juggernaut + Bane)
  • Pyro Star (Pyro + Wrestling Star)
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