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Fate Knight Edit

Real Name: Kent Spector

Fusion of: Dc's Doctor Fate/Marvel's Moon Knight

Bio: Kent Spector was an archaeologist whose group in Egypt was attacked by terrorists under the leadership of Wotan Bushman. Spector was seriously injured while protecting people, and the terrorists threw him out to die in the desert. Gathering his last strength, he crawled to the temple of the ancient mage Khnobu nearby and the wizard's spirit suggested that the dying Kent become an avatar of the moon so that he could take revenge. Spector agreed, and was reborn as the mage-assassin Fate Knight. He returned to the camp captured by the terrorists and easily overpowered everyone, ripping Wotan's face out of revenge. From that time on, he became an almost invincible mage, but because of the deal, he had several other personalities.

Marlene Cramer Edit

Fusion of: Dc's Inza Cramer/Marvel's Marlene Alraune

Khnobu Edit

Fusion of: Dc's Nobu/Marvel's Khonshu

Obsidian Vampire Edit

Real Name: Todd Morbius

Fusion of: Dc's Obsidian/Marvel's Morbius

Bio: A scientist who wants to cure his own blood disease has created a vaccine based on anti-matter and bat blood. As a result, his skin became completely black, and he became a vampire. Befriended Ian Markham, Feuded with the knight of Destiny and Andrew Brooks, but then betrayed them, became their ally

Villains Edit

Hellhound Edit

Real Name: Wotan Bushman

Fusion of: Dc's Wotan/Marvel's Bushman

Ian Markham Edit

Alias: Karkull

Fusion of: Dc's Ian Karkull/Marvel's Morpheus

Anti-Knight Edit

Real Name: Ben Spector

Fusion of: Dc's Anti-Fate/Marvel's Shadow Knight

Black Chaos Edit

Alias: Carson

Fusion of: Dc's Doctor Chaos/Marvel's Black Spectre

Webster characters Edit

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Webster Edit

Real Name: Peter Grayson

Fusion of: Dc's Nightwing/Marvel's Spider-Man

Aunt Harriett Edit

Fusion of: Dc's Harriett Cooper/Marvel's May Parker

Flameprowler Edit

Real Name: Hobie Kane

Fusion of: Dc's Flamebird/Marvel's Prowler

Agent Hood Edit

Real Name: Jason Thompson

Fusion of: Dc's Red Hood/Marvel's Venom

Joseph Osborn Edit

Alias: Iron Mastermind

Fusion of: Dc's Jericho/Marvel's Harry Osborn

Villains Edit

Iron Death Edit

Real Name: Slade Osborn

Fusion of: Dc's Deathstroke/Marvel's Norman Osborn

Bio: Slade Osborn was an entrepneur who was jailed for illegal operations. In prison, he ended up in the Future Soldier Project, where he was irradiated with a bad copy of the Super Warrior serum. This had a strange effect of him, making him not only strong and dexterous, but also insane. He escaped from prison and as soon as came to his senses, he decided to use his powers to make money, working as a mercenary.

Kraken Edit

Real Name: Mikron Octavius

Fusion of: Dc's Gizmo/Marvel's Dr Octopus

Bio: Micron Octavius - scientist who worked on WilCorp. His biggest breakthrough was the invention of neutron tentacles attached to the back and powered by brain impulses. He used them to test the drug Slade Osborn, but there was a huge fire explosion that burned his assistant Curt Sartorus to the skeleton lizard and fused the tentacles to the spine. After that, Micron decided that he would not be able to do anything about his injury and turned to Rupert Hammer for help, but Webster broke the criminal deal, after which Micron blamed him for his misfortunes. He tried to kill the enemy for a long time, and was also a member and leader of such a team as the Fearsome Six.

Poison Edit

Real Name: Jack Brock

Fusion of: Dc's Creeper/Marvel's Venom

Psycho Edit

Real Name: Quentin Johns

Fusion of: Dc's Psimon/Marvel's Mysterio

Bio: In the past, he worked for Roland Fisk, also known as Kingbuster. When Fisk decided to make a deal with Trigomammu, he tapped Quentin to open the portal. During the opening, an explosion occurred that blew Jones ' head off. His dying man was visited by the same demon and offered to serve him in exchange for power.

Wing-Man Edit

Real Name: Charles Toomes

Fusion of: Dc's Kite-Man/Marvel's Vulture

Kraven the Snake Edit

Real Name: Sergei (last name in unknown)

Fusion of: Dc's Copperhead/Marvel's Kraven the Hunter

Bio: By the way the Sergei was migrated to the America, he was very sick. His parents decided to cure him at the Jungle, by wildplants potions. It worked, and Sergei opened that the potions can give the many abilities to human, like a superstrength, superspeed and durabilities. He became the hunter, like the predator, like a snake at the grass. The snake, who wants a spider, who crossed his road, when saved man from him. Sergei worked as the mercenary, and his hate the Webster became stronger and stronger, and that will throw his into madness someday.

Arachna Edit

Real Name: Catalina Hardy

Fusion of: Dc's Tarantula/Marvel's Black Cat

Sandstorm Edit

Real Name: Baran Marko

Fusion of: Dc's Mammoth/Marvel's Sandman

Hydroface Edit

Real Name: Morris Hagen

Fusion of: Dc's Matt Hagen/Marvel's Hydroman

Changeface Edit

Real Name: Basil Smerdyakov

Fusion of: Dc's Basil Carlo/Marvel's Chameleon

Brother Slayer Edit

Real Name: Sebastian Smythe

Fusion of: Dc's Brother Blood/Marvel's Alistair Smythe

Spencer Stagg Edit

Alias: Slayer

Fusion of: Dc's Simon Stagg/Marvel's Spencer Smythe

Stingshot Edit

Real Name: Floyd Gargan

Fusion of: Dc's Deadshot/Marvel's Scorpion

Moltenbug Edit

Real Name: Mark Rigger

Fusion of: Dc's Firebug/Marvel's Molten Man

Professor Anubis Edit

Real Name: Miles Valentine

Fusion of: Dc's Professor Pyg/Marvel's Jackal

Doc Morlun Edit

Real Name: Simon Morlun

Fusion of: Dc's Doc Hurt/Marvel's Morlun

Death Webster Edit

Alias: Kaine

Fusion of: Dc's Deathwing/Marvel's Kaine

Nuclear Dragon Edit

Real Name: Curtis Sartorius

Fusion of: Dc's Doctor Phosphorus/Marvel's Lizard


Real Name: Vincent Powers

Fusion of: Dc's Blight/Marvel's Stegron

Shock-Eye Edit

Real Name: Seymour Shultz

Fusion of: Dc's See-More/Marvel's Shocker

Bio: Downtrodden after an unsuccessful criminal career, Seymour Shultz used his electrical expertise to build helmet with laser eye powered by vibro-shock units.

Teen Defenders Edit

Heroes Edit

Webster Edit

Real Name: Peter Grayson

Fusion of: Dc's Nightwing/Marvel's Spider-Man

Powerborg Edit

Real Name: Luke Stone

Fusion of: Dc's Cyborg/Marvel's Power Man

Bio: After he volunteered for experimental cell regeneration based on a variant of the Super-Soldier process, he was mutilated by unknown massive gelatinous creature from another dimension, other scientists quickly to send a creature back through the portal while Luke's father trying to save his son, scientists immersed Luke in an electrical field conducted by an organic chemical compound rganic chemical compound (Super Soldier Serum, concentrated with Super America's alien DNA blood) able to revived him combine with cybernetic metallic limbs and implants inducing body-wide enhancement that gave him superhuman strength and durability, he can able to adjusted enough through his resulting physical therapy to control his implants with suitable skill. He used his new power to escape R.X.T.A.R. Labs and made his way back to New Metropolis City, where a chance encounter with criminals inspired him to use his new powers for profit called as "Powerborg". After years formally Defenders when he's young, now he's in Soldiers for Hire and invitation of the Justice League Avengers

Iron Beast Edit

Real Name: Danny Logan

Fusion of: Dc's Beast Boy/Marvel's Iron Fist

Midnight Tiger Edit

Real Name: Rachel Ayala

Fusion of: Dc's Raven/Marvel's White Tiger

Devilboy Edit

Real Name: Conner Murdock

Fusion of: Dc's Superboy/Marvel's Daredevil

Kid Ghost Edit

Real Name: Robbie West

Fusion of: Dc's Wally West/Marvel's Robbie Reyes

X-Patrol Edit

Heroes Edit

Chief-X Edit

Real Name: Niles Xavier

Fusion of: Dc's Chief/Marvel's Professor X

Mental Edit

Real Name: Steve Summers

Fusion of: Dc's Mento/Marvel's Cyclops

Rita Grey Edit

Alias: Phoenix

Fusion of: Dc's Elasti-Girl/Marvel's Jean Grey

Wolf Edit

Real Name: Logo

Fusion of: Dc's Lobo/Marvel's Wolverine

Robo-Colossus Edit

Real Name: Cliff Rasputin

Fusion of: Dc's Robotman/Marvel's Colossus

Negative Angel Edit

Real Name: Larry Warrington

Fusion of: Dc's Negative Man/Marvel's Angel

Crazy Magic Edit

Real Name: Jane Rasputina

Fusion of: Dc's Crazy Jane/Marvel's Magic

Iceberg Edit

Real Name: Flex Drake

Fusion of: Dc's Flex Mentallo/Marvel's Iceman

Villains Edit

Braineto Edit

Real Name: Unknown

Fusion of: Dc's Brain/Marvel's Magneto

Sabronth Edit

Fusion of: Dc's Glonth/Marvel's Sabretooth

Wildnaut Edit

Real Name: Kaine Mallah

Fusion of: Dc's Monsieur Mallah/Marvel's Juggernaut

General Reptil Edit

Fusion of: Dc's General Immortus/Marvel's Toad

Gargantuar Edit

Fusion of: Dc's Garguax/Marvel's Blob

Madame Mystique Edit

Real Name: Laura Darkholme

Fusion of: Dc's Madame Rouge/Marvel's Mystique

Plasmalanche Edit

Real Name: Dominic von Furt

Fusion of: Dc's Plasmus/Marvel's Avalanche

Explosion Edit

Real Name: Emil Allerdyce

Fusion of: Dc's Warp/Marvel's Pyro

Doctor Constantine Edit

Heroes Edit

Doctor Constantine Edit

Real Name: Stephen Constantine

Fusion of: Dc's Hellblazer/Marvel's Doctor Strange

Cleanna Edit

Real Name: Cleanna Zatara

Fusion of: Dc's Zatanna/Marvel's Clea

Boston Wong Edit

Alias: Dead Magician

Fusion of: Dc's Deadman/Marvel's Wong

Jason Hellstorm Edit

Alias: The Son of Belial

Fusion of: Dc's Etrigan the Demon/Marvel's Daimon Hellstorm

Villains Edit

Trigomammu Edit

Fusion of: Dc's Trigon/Marvel's Dormammu

Baron Morningstar Edit

Real Name: Carl Morningstar

Fusion of: Dc's Lucifer/Marvel's Baron Mordo

Zom the Fallen Edit

Fusion of: Dc's First of the Fallen/Marvel's Zom

Doctor Nightmare Edit

Fusion of: Dc's Doctor Destiny/Marvel's Nightmare

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