All-Star Journey #83 is a combo of All-Star Comics #8 and Journey Into Mystery #83. It is famous for being the first appearance of Thora, the Godess of Wonder.


Part 1, "Thora The Mighty and the Stone Men From Saturn", introduces Doctor Diana Blake. While on a merry vacation in Norway, she stumbles and loses his cane and in the process happens upon a secret invasion of the alien Men of Stone. She flees into a hidden cavern, only to find an ancient walking stick. She finds that tapping it upon the ground transforms her into Thora! The Mythical Goreese Godess of Storm! In Part 2: "The Power of Thora!", Blake tests the new abilities she gains when she becomes Thora. And, in Part 3: "Thora the Mighty Strikes Back!", she shows the Stone Men of Saturn that not all Earthlings are powerless.

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