Nothing to say, just sorry for grammar (I'm Polish if you didn't deduce it already)


U Tak it from Mayhem!!!!11111oneone proxo lol xd!!!!

Yeah, I admit that, but this is so cool combo, that I just can't think any other. Sorry.

  • Spider-Man+Batman=Spider-Bat (Peter Wayne)
  • Mary Jane Watson+Vicki Vale=Mary J. Vale (I could not think any other)
  • Julie Madison+Gwen Stacy=Julie Stacy
  • Norman Madison+Captain Stacy=Norman Stacy
  • Mad Monk+Sin-Eater=Pardon
  • Nightwing+
  • Alfred Pennyworh+Aunt May=Auntie Alfrede Wayne nee Pennyworth
  • Thomas Wayne+Richard Parker=Richard Wayne
  • Martha Wayne+Mary Parker=Mary Wayne
  • Leslie Thompkins+Uncle Ben=Uncle Ben Wayne
  • Two-Face+Doctor Octopus=Doctor Face (Harvey Octavius)
  • Joker+Green Goblin=Green Joker
  • Joker's Daughter+Lady Octopus=Nurse Face
  • Prowler+Damian Wayne=Prowling Robin (Damian Brown)
  • Mad Hatter+Chameleon=Shapeshifter (Damian Tetch)
  • Spider-Girl+Batwoman=Spider-Batty (May Wayne)
  • Jackpot+Cassie Cain=Batpot (Alana Cain)
  • Red Hood+Scarlet Spider=Scarlet Hood (Peter Wayne [alias Ben Todd])
  • Talon+Jackal=Bad Luck 
  • Lew Moxon+Red Skull II=Alexander Moxon
  • Huntress+Black Cat=Black Hunt (Felicia Kyle)
  • Joe Chill+Burglar=Joe Carradine
  • Venom+Bane=Venom (First name unkown, surname Antons)
  • Ventriloquist & Scarface+Carnage=Scarnage (Cletus Quist)(YEAH, I KNOW, MAYHEM)
  • Scorn+Ventriloquist II=Scarnage (Peyton Riley) (Please, leave me alone.)
  • Kraven+
  • Black Mask+Kingpin=Black King (Roman Fisk)
  • Hobgoblin+Mr. Freeze=Cryoblin (Jason Fries)
  • Tony Zucco+Big Man=Big Boss
  • Catwoman+
  • Ra's Al Ghul + Morlun=Demon
  • Talia+
  • Electro+
  • Scorpion+Anarky=Chaos Sting
  • Man-Bat+Morbius=Bio Bat (Micheal Langstrom)
  • Harley Quinn+


Spectre RiderEdit

Coming soon...

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