Iron Lantern Edit

Real Name: Anthony Henry Jordan III

Fusion of: DC's Green Lantern and Marvel's Iron Man

Bio: Genius, billionaire and playboy Tony Jordan, could not even imagine that he would get into such a situation as this. It lies in the wreckage of a properly developed experimental aircraft. His arms and legs are broken. The cause of the failure, he could not determine, as it was painful even to crawl. Suddenly, a bright flash in the sky. As if through a portal, an unknown capsule falls. Jordan overcomes the pain and crawls to her, hoping for an ambulance. Unfortunately, the capsule hits the Ground hard, almost completely deformed. Tony quickly opens it and begins to lose consciousness from blood loss. Suddenly, as if in a dream, Tony sees a strange creature falling out of the opened capsule. The creature immediately falls dead, placing a hand with a certain ring on the palm, next to Jordan. Tony puts this ring on his finger with the last of his strength, in a mad hope for help. Suddenly, a certain mixture of technology and a certain liquid covers the body of Tony Jordan, healing his wounds and for the first time introducing the world to the Iron Lantern - a defender of the oppressed and a space engineer.

Friends: Edit

  • Steel Lantern (John Rhodes) (John Stewart/War Machinear Rescue (Carol Potts) (Star Saphire/Rescue)
  • Iron Lantern Corps (Green Lantern Corps/Nova Corps)
  • Rhomann Sur (Abin Sur/Rhomann Day)
  • Potts Aircraft (Ferris Aircraft/Stark Industries)
  • Iron Lantern (Jessica Williams) (Jessica Cruz/Iron Heart)

Villains Edit

  • Mandarinestro (Sinestro/Mandarin)
  • Farallax (Parallax/Fin Fang Foom)
  • Larfstane (Lawrence Stane) (Larfleeze/Iron Monger)
  • Ophilla (Ophidian/Gorgilla)
  • Hector Hammer (Hector Hammond/Justin Hammer)
  • Steel Legion (Legion/Detroit Steel)
  • Alex Killian (Alex Nero/Aldrich Killian)
  • Extremlis (Despotelis/Extremis)
  • Black Knight (William Velsing) (Black Hand/Dreadknight)
  • Ultimon (Nekron/Ultimo)

Dark Soldier Edit

Real Name: Bruce Rogers

Fusion of: DC's Batman and Marvel's Captain America


Friends Edit

  • Red Soldier (Red Hood/Winter Soldier)
  • Owl (Sam Grayson) (Nightwing/Falcon)
  • Patriot (Barbara Chaves) (Batgirl/Miss America)
  • Dark Captain 3000 (Batman Beyond/Captain America 2099)
  • Guardian (Tim Bradley) (Red Robin/Patriot)
  • Dum Dum Gordon (Jim Gordon/Timothy Dugan)
  • James Wayne (Damian Wayne/James Rogers)
  • Agent Batwing (Batwing/Nick Fury jr.)
  • American Bat (Blackbat/American Dream)
  • The Fallen One (Azrael 2/U.S.Agent)
  • Leatherwing (Batwoman/Union Jack)
  • Fighter (Signal/Jeffrey Mace)
  • Phil Pennyworth (Alfred Pennyworth/Phil Coulson)
  • Wingster (Wingman/Isaiah Bradley)
  • Redwing (Redbird/Gabe Johnson)

Villains Edit

  • White Skull (Joker/Red Skull)
  • Harley Sin (Harley Quinn/Sin)
  • Crossbane (Bane/Crossbones)
  • Arnim Nygma (Riddler/Arnim Zola)
  • Oswald Strucker (Penguin/Baron Strucker)
  • Firelok (Firefly/Deathlok)
  • Deadmaster (Deadshot/Taskmaster)
  • Dredmund Zsazs (Mister Zsazs/Dredmund the Druid)
  • Grand Angel (Jean-Paul Burnside) (Azrael/Grand Director)
  • Red Beast (Anatoli Shostakov) (KGBeast/Red Guardian)
  • Demon Bear (Mihail Dosinsky) (NKVDemon/Major Ursa)

Sentry Devil Edit

Real Name: Jack Tyler; Matt Tyler

Fusion of: DC's Hourman and Marvel's Daredevil

Friends Edit

  • Amazing Spot (Amazing Man/Blindspot)
  • Doctor Stick (Charles McNider/Stick)
  • Lady Elektra (Lady Shiva/Elektra)

Villains Edit

  • The King (Moxie Fisk) (The Boss/Kingpin)
  • Narcissus (Bruno Fisk) (Ugly/Rose)
  • Gunlock (The Key/Bullseye)
  • Fear Wizard (William Cranston) (Wizard/Mister Fear)
  • Ice-Stalker (Joar Sterling) (Icicle/Death-Stalker)
  • Arena Master (Sportmaster/Gladiator)
  • Ultra-Minotaur (Ultra-Humanite/Man-Bull)
  • Bolt's Head (Deathbolt/Death's Head)
  • Psycho-Purple (Psycho-Pirate/Purple Man)
  • Mach%nesmith (Seamus Saxon) (Kill%re/Machinesmith)
  • The Crow (Leland Swift) (Shade/Owl)
  • Braingun (Brainwave/Bushwacker)
  • Geofrog (Geomancer/Leap-Frog)
  • The Poison (Kobra Cult/The Hand)
  • Nobu Burr (Jeffrey Burr/Nobu)
  • Lord Iso (Lord Mordru/Master Iso)

Scarab-Man Edit

Real Name: Hank Garrett; Scott Kord; Cassie Reyes

Fusion of: DC's Blue Beetle and Marvel's Ant-Man


Friends Edit

  • Golden Goliath (Booster Gold/Goliath)
  • Golden Wasp (Goldstar/Wasp)
  • Green Scarab (Barr O'Grady) (Green Beetle/Black Ant)
  • Red Scarab (Red Beetle/Red Wasp)

Villains Edit

  • Yellow Scarab (Black Beetle/Yellow Jacket)
  • Jarvis Starr (Jarvis Kord/Egghead)
  • Caraspine (Conrad Gentry) (Carapax/Porcupine)
  • Cataghost (Catalyst/Ghost)
  • Mad Crew (Madmen/Wrecking Crew)
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