Amalgam Universe Alliance Online is an MMORPG video-game based off the comics. This first version is based off the original Amalgam Comics.


Galactiac is coming to devour Earth. The heroes are trying to keep Galactiac imprisoned in the emptieness of space, but the villains are trying to release him.


You can create/name your own combos, by choosing a character from DC and a character from Marvel, then adding parts of the characters together. You can them name your combo, choose what powers it has (from the original characters' power list) and then choose good or evil.

Villain ModeEdit

  • Hyena - Mentor for new players
  • Big Question
  • Doctor Bongface
  • Doctor Doomsday
  • Bizarnage
  • King Lizard
  • Spider-Clone #1
  • Fin Fang Flame
  • Ultra-Metallo

Hero ModeEdit

  • Super Sodlier - Mentor for new players
  • Dare The Terminator
  • Lobo The Duck
  • Ferro Man
  • Spider-Boy
  • Doctor Strangefate
  • Speed Demon
  • Dark Claw
  • Mariner
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