The Archerverse is a shared fictional universe that is centred on various television series that aired on The CW and web series that aired on CW Seed, based on characters from Amalgam Comics. The shared universe, much like the Amalgam Universe in comic books or the cinematic Amalgam Cinematic Universe, was established by crossing over common plot elements, settings, cast, and characters.

The first television series was Archer, based on the character Hawkeye, which debuted in October 2012. The universe was expanded with the series Speed Demon in October 2014, which is based on Blaze Allen/Speed Demon. The universe expanded further in August 2015 with the animated web series Wolfsbane on The CW Seed, and again with the live-action team up series Legends of Tomorrow in January 2016.

The franchise has also crossed over with DC Comics television shows which air on other networks; Arrow crossed over with the short-lived NPC live-action series Hellstorm in the former's fourth season, while there was a crossover with the CBS series American Girl, followed with multiple crossovers after American Girl moved to The CW. most recently they began Claw woman, based on the dark claw side character as well as having a crossover event based on secret crisis of the infinity hour

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