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The Avengers are a team of previously established heroes.


The starting lineup of the team consists of Iron Man (the leader), Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America, Namor, Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze), and Forge, while Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Black Panther, Iron Fist, Hawkeye, Lady Dorma, Son of Satan, recently created character Man-Badger, and Angel, a revamp of the Golden Age character, are set to join as additional members in the future.

In addition to this series, two other Avengers-related titles were launched during the same month: a new Avengers West Coast; written by Peter David and drawn by Aaron Lopresti featuring an initial roster of Spider-Man, Cable, Rocket Racer, Phoinex, Dum Dum Dougan, Pulsar, Sersi, Inari, and Morph, and The Midnight Avengers; written by Paul Jenkins and drawn by Mikel Janin; featuring a roster consisting of Hannibal King, Clea, Shaman, Scarlet Witch, Brother Voodoo, Black Widow, and the new character Undead. In May 2012, Marvel announced the cancellation of Avengers West Coast.

Avengers West Coast will end with an annual, which will lead into the launch of a new New Avengers title. The new New Avengers will consist of Jane Foster, Hakweye, Black Panther, The Vision, Black Cat, Winter Soldier, The Human Torch (Jim Hammond), White Tiger and Sun Girl.



Spider-Man meets Captain America for the first time when they team up to track a rogue Skrull across Manhattan. Cap is surprised to learn that Spider-Man is a teenager, and they don't initially get along well. The Skrull blows itself up with an Ultimate Nullifier, and they decide to investigate the extra-terrestrial lead through Iron Man.

Iron Man attacks Spider-Man and Captain America, believing them to be threats. Cap calls in Ghost Rider to help them, and they continue to fight until Spider-Man makes them realize they're on the same side. Regrouping, the four men puzzle over the Ultimate Nullifier until it explodes and opens a portal that releases an army of Skrulls. Teenage mutant Jonathan Silvercloud is caught in a similar explosion at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Hellicarrier.

Thor leaves his military escort at the White House to join their battle, despite the protests of her government-appointed liaison Jane Foster. Namor appears when they near the ocean, and reveals that monsters have been attacking him as well. S.H.I.E.L.D. scientist Eric O'Grady saves the young mutant's life by giving him cyborg body-parts.

Namor demonstrates his capabilities, and they realize that the Skrulls are dragging all humans to the top of a giant alien spire. Forge begins trying to control his powers, and meets the team while escaping from S.H.I.E.L.D. Galactus finally descends to Earth, and reveals himself as the villain behind their invasion.

Galactus fires a huge blast of energy, and Ghost Rider outraces them but Iron Man gets hit and carried to the spire. Captain America almost dies repeatedly attacking the unflinching Galactus, until Spider-Man makes him reconsider his efforts. Revealing his secret identity as Peter Parker, he explains that they need to start fighting as a team instead of a group of individuals. Leaving the others to distract Galactus while he looks for Iron Man, Spider-Man walks through a portal to Ego The Living Planet.

The heroes finally start acting like a team when they fight Galactus together. Spider-Man rescues Iron Man from torture at the hands of Veranke and the Super-Skrull, bringing him back to Earth. Iron Man is able to take on Galactus, and throws him back through the portal while Forge uses his empathic technology to close it. Galactus swears that he will return. Finally they are rewarded public recognition, and Spider-Man insists that staying a team is necessary for them to maintain approval. The President publicly acknowledges them for saving the world in front of the Empire State Building, and Johnny Blaze announces that they will be called the Supreme Seven.

Villain's VoyageEdit

The Avenger fight Wildfire, a terrorist-turned-monster in Canada. Jabe Foster handles a press conference as the head of E.R.O.S., government support and liaison to the Avengers. Congress asks Foster for greater access to the team, and she challenges their authority against gods on Earth. Following the hearing, she reveals an unrequited love for Thor to Darcy Lewis. Daniel Coffins, the writer who named the Avengers, privately swears that he will use Foster as a weapon to destroy them.

Hawkeye auditions to join the Avengers and is refused. He helps them fight Ultron, the Wild Pack and Graviton but they refuse to take him seriously. Eventually Foster offers him a position on another team. It's revealed that the Avengers refuses to accept new members because they were betrayed by The Vision. More to be added....

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