Avenging League: Unlimited Heroes is an animated series combining Justice League Unlimited with Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.


Season 1 (Micro-series)Edit

  • Iron Initiation
  • The Coming of the Man Who Has Everything
  • The Kid In The Ant-Hill
  • Hawk Lives!
  • This Mighty Piggy
  • Behold, The Fearful Symmetry!
  • The Greatest Story Vs. The World
  • The Return of Asgira
  • This Monster, This Ultimatum
  • Dark Enemy
  • The Isle of the Dead
  • The Once and Future Whirlwind
  • America, Warped
  • The Cat Strikes!
  • If These Be The Ties That Bind!
  • Welcome to the Doomsday Sanction
  • Lo, There Shall Come A Task Force
  • Beware The Balance
  • The Big Date

Season 2Edit

  • Clashout
  • Hunter's Breakout
  • Iron Authority
  • Mighty Flashpoint
  • Panic Vs. The World
  • Meet Green America
  • The Epilogue In The Ant-Hill
  • I Am Assembly
  • Living Shadow
  • Wonder at the Earth's Core
  • To Another Quest
  • Gamma Substance
  • Dead World
  • Patriots of Evil
  • The Great Number Robbery
  • Widow's Match
  • Far From Tomorrow
  • Ancient Conqueror
  • Alive Dynasty
  • The Destroyer of Ancient Winters
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