Bane Goblin is the Green Goblin/Bane combination. He is Spiderbat's Archenemy in SpidermanandBatmanFans

Origins Edit

As a child Norman Dorrance becomes Obssessed with gaining Wealthy and Super Soldier Serum. His father Amberson Dorrance, a failed business inventor who claimed that he was swindled out of his inventions and personal fortune, his brother James Grayson,
Bane Goblin
he was bullied by Norman in School, since Norman has fall asleep in his Class, When Amberson was called in by the Principal, Norman was beaten and locked up in the closet for an hours by his father. When he went for bed that night built his room with Steroid Goblins. Steroid Goblins helps Norman to treat his father and brother. At the High School Graduation Norman Thank his father and brother, He was married to Emily Dorrance. Emily is Dying after giving birth to Harry Grayson but He was raised by James Grayson. In the Present Day Norman Dorrance and Dr. Mendel Strange are Welcome to his Board Members, In the Boarding Room Norman was fired by his boss and betrayed by James and Harry Grayson. In the Gas Chamber Lab, Norman ask Dr. Mendell Strange to inject his body with Bane Serum, he was vaporized with Goblin Serum, He was Malfunctioned, Norman wears Green Flight Suit, Brown Vest, Brown Trench Coat, Mask. Norman Dorrance will become "Bane Goblin". He decided to fight against Spiderbat, Spinnercat, Patrioteer Robin and Spiderbat-Gwen.
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