Baron Shriek is Amalgam Comics villain and Captain Lantern villain.

Bio Edit

Baron Shrik 2
The son of the intergalactic killer Veon Shriek, Thaal, was a very good and honest man. He hated his father, and grew up the exact opposite of him. At the age of 17, Thaal was taken on by his uncle-Romann Sur, an officer of the Green Nova Corps. At 20, Thaal had already learned how to use the ring in the craft and became one of the Super Green Nova. When Romann Sur died, Thaal gave a farewell speech at His funeral. He didn't like Steve Jordan and Frawog, until the events of "Annihiland". While Steve Jordan was infected, Thaal tried to fight off an army of parasites. Shriek was killed by Steve while being distracted by them. Arnim Zox found the body of the deceased. FEAR scientists used it to study the features of a dead warrior. Zox accidentally resurrected the vengeful Thaal. Shriek attacked Steve when meeting him, and thanks to the new abilities, killed a huge part of the Green Nova Corps. Realizing what he had done under the influence of Zox's serum, he escaped to Qward Island, where he encountered Arkillonation-the enemy of Skulk imprisoned there. Together they organized Riot Corps - a powerful organization that will show all the power of Baron Shriek to all enemies!
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