Batfist is a combo of Iron Fist and Batman.

Origin StoryEdit

Bruce Rand wanted to avenge the death of his parents, and ran off to tran with Master Raa's Al Khan. Khan tought him the ways of the ninja, and Bruce had learned the ancient karate move "The Batfist", that only the descendent of the so-called "great one" can prefrom. This brougth the attention of an insane man obsessed with learning how to do the Batfist. His name was Steel Joker, and he kidnapped Bruce and forced Bruce to teach him how to do the Batfist. However, Bruce used the Batfist to defeat Steel Joker and escape. Since then, he has been the vigilante called "Batfist". He has made other hero friends such as Luke Grayson, aka Powerwing, and he has joined the Justice Heroes for America (The JHA).

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