Billy2009's Amalgam Universe is a remake version of the original Amalgam Universe, but different from the original one.

Characters Edit

Supernova Edit

  • Supernova (Nova [Richard Rider]/Superman)
  • Jonathan Rider (Charles Rider/Jonathan Kent)
  • Martha Rider (Gloria Rider/Martha Kent)
  • Ginger Lang (Ginger Jaye/Lana Lang)
  • Jennifer Lane (Jennifer Smith/Lois Lane)
  • Jimmy Dillon (Bernie Dillon/Jimmy Olsen)
  • Zobo (Zorr/Lobo)

Spider-Bat Edit

  • Spider-Bat (Spider-Man/Batman)
  • Uncle Alfred Parker (Uncle Ben Parker/Alfred Pennyworth)
  • Aunt Leslie Parker (Aunt May Parker/Dr. Leslie Thompkins)
  • Lady Spider-Bat (Spider-Woman [Jessica Drew]/Batgirl [Barbara Gordon)
  • Captain George Gordon (Captain George Stacy/Commissioner James Gordon)
  • Joker Goblin (Joker/Green Goblin)
  • Harley Hobby (Harley Quinn/Hobgoblin)
  • Killer Lizard (Lizard/Killer Croc)
  • Mystery (Mysterio/Riddler)
  • Man-Vulture (Vulture/Man-Bat
  • The Cosmic Ant (Captain Universe/Atom/ Ant-Man)

Sgt. Hank Harper clone of & Thomas Harper Edit

Science Professor Hank Hall was taking his lateus experement with Alien DNA And K-Booms that killed the 2 men in order to save their Loved ones paine They Fused their Dna into a clone And What the Called Blue Atoms with A Mysterious Blue Stone that Had Super Human Qualities to it. Edit

Super Spider (Scarlet Spider/Superman Blue) A.k.a Ben Kent Edit

A Test Tube Child of Jor-el and Martha May Kent on New Krypton in the City of Yorksville then sent to Earth to live with his Uncle Jonathan Parker and his nephew Peter Kent.

Sliver Age of Amalgam Comics Edit

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