Black Goblin is a archenemy to Black Spider. He is maniac who has arachnophobia.

Black Goblin

Real Name: Roman Kingsley

Alies: Deadeye, Killer Lizard, Monarch, Electro-Face, Toxin, Bear Head, Lobo Twins, Stinger

Enemies: Black Spider, Iron Wing, Scarlet Hood, Jester, Green Bow, Captain John Stacy

Bio Edit

Roman was a closed child, who has arachnophobia. He hated Waynes family and Peter. After his parents dead, he become a burglar who used the Goblin mask, and Osborn's equipment. He fighted Black Spider at the Chemical Plant, and was badly injured at the face, the mask was melted, that made him scull form. After that incident he rised, from the burglar to crime lord, and don't stop trying to kill his two worst enemies: Peter Wayne and Black Spider.

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