Black Goo Slaughter is the Venom/The Joker combination. He is Spiderbat's Main Archenemy in SpidermanandBatmanFans

Black Goo Slaughter

Origins Edit

Eddie Napier was born in Wilson Falcone's House, Eddie Napier is working with Dennis Chill, he became Red Punisher, Spiderbat had chasing to the Eddie Napier (Red Punisher) and Dennis Chill to the Oscorp Ace Chemicals Industries, when Spiderbat pushed Dennis Chill off the Window to death, pushed Eddie Napier (Red Punisher) fell into Symbiote Acid Pool then Eddie's skins was melted but he is saved by Dr. Otto Fries. Meanwhile at Dr. Fries's Lab Eddie was transformed into "Black Goo Slaughter". He discovered his dark side of power and decided to fight against Spiderbat.

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