Black Spider is amalgam superhero, who have no superpowers, but he is trained fighter and genius.


Real Name: Peter Wayne

Alies: Kid Spider (Damian Parker), Red Spider, Iron Wing, Spider-girl, May Pennyworth

Enemies: Jester, King, Firebird, Phobia, Ashen Croc, Mr Spot, Professor Jackal

Bio Edit

Peter Wayne is the son of the Richard and Mary Wayne. His parents was rich and had their company "Wayne Industries". After a Richard and Mary was shot in the Crime Alley, their company, gone to the Norman Napier, the coldblooded businessman, who had phsihology trauma. Peter was sent to his aunt, May Pennyworth. After his 17th birthday, Wayne traveled around the world, and teached the martial arts. When he returned to New-Gotham, he decided to protect his city, under the mask of Black Spider. He used his own design - web shooters.

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