Heroes Edit

Blue Daredevil Edit

Real Name: Ted Murdock

Fusion of: Marvel's Daredevil/DC's Blue Beetle


Dan Stick Edit

Fusion of: Marvel's Stick/DC's Dan Garrett

Bio: Former policeman, who was blinded during a mission. Ted Murdock taught radar vision and super-sense.

Crimson Elektra Edit

Real Name: Constance Natchios

Fusion of: Marvel's Elektra/DC's Crimson Fox

Ice Beetle Edit

Real Name: Jaime Drake

Fusion of Marvel's Ice Man/Dc's Jaime Reyes

Villains Edit

Wilson Lord Edit

Fusion of: Marvel's Kingpin/DC's Maxvell Lord

Bio: New-Metropolis crime boss. He was the one who distributed the chemicals that made Ted Murdock blind. Has a very huge influence on the underworld of New-Metropolis and is obsessed with hunting for artifacts.

Overeye Edit

Real Name: unknown

Aliases: Lester Beck

Fusion of: Marvel's Bullseye/DC's Overthrow

Polarity-Stalker Edit

Real Name: John Sterling

Fusion of: Marvel's Death-Stalker/DC's Dr Polaris

War-Beetle Edit

Real Name: Conrad Simpson

Fusion of: Marvel's Nuke/DC's Carapax

Bio: Ex-military, now a mercenary who was hired by Dr. Jarvis Owlsley to destroy the Blue Daredevil. But the mercenary failed the mission, and in a rage Konrad subdued owls-robots and taking his armor of War-Beetle went to kill the Blue Daredevil, after which he was defeated and was sent to prison.

Jarvis Owlsley Edit

Aliases: Leland Kord

Fusion of: Marvel's The Owl/DC's Jarvis Kord

Bio: Former head of the government-funded Stark Enterprises laboratory. He was caught in a financial fraud and fired, after which, vowing revenge on Bruce Stark, creates robot-owls and lets them loose on New-Metropolis city But the robots were stopped by the Blue Daredevil along with the Iron Knight, after which Owlsley goes to prison, wanting only one thing— to destroy the Blue Daredevil

Masked Marauder Edit

Real Name: Frank Steuben

Fusion of: Marvel's Masked Marauder/DC's Masked Marauder

Stilt-Catalyst Edit

Real Name: Unknown, some people called him Doctor Day

Fusion of: Marvel's Stilt-Man/DC's Catalyst

Doctor Fear Edit

Real Name: Albert Cranston

Fusion of: Marvel's Mister Fear/DC's Doctor Alchemy

Arsonist Edit

Real Name: Lyle Potter

Fusion of: Marvel's Gladiator/DC's Firefist

Bio: Lyle Potter was a pyrotechnic who had the deluded belief that he was far better than any superhero. One day at work an accident caused a fiery explosion in the workshop, leaving Lyle trapped under rubble unable to free himself. He received severe burns, after which he blamed Blue Daredevil for his ugliness. Wanting revenge, he creates armor with buily-in flamethrowers and blades, calling himself the Arsonist

Purple Gorgon Edit

Real Name: Andonis Killgrave

Fusion of: Marvel's Purple Man/DC's Gorgon

Bio: Andonis Killgrave was an archeologist who found a strange amulet in the form of the head of a Gorgon Medusa during excavations in Greece. He touched it, then turned into a purple Gorgon-like creature. After learning his new abilities, he realized that he could control people just by being around them, and then became one of the Blue Daredevil's worst enemies.

Typhoid Harpi Edit

Real Name: Angelika Walker

Fusion of: Marvel's Typhoid Mary/DC's Harpi

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