Origins Edit

As a child Bruce Stark showed signs of a genius level intellect, a type of Super-Intellect that surpassed even Alexander Hammer. His parents secluded him from the environment of other children in order for him to study and push his intellect to the limits, leading to him developing antisocial personalities disorder. His alternate personalities included a Man-Bat type creature, violent and cruel, and a Tin-Man kind and forgiving. His parents, sick of his personalities confined him to the Hammer Institute for the Mildly Insane. There he learnt basic social skills and overcame his alternate personalities, he was brought back to Stark Manor, and his guilty feeling parents took him to a cinema and to watch a horror film about a vampiric psychologist. After the movie his parents were walking back from the cinema to their private cab, until they were approached and surrounded by thugs, who kidnapped them and dosed them with sleeping gas, they awoke in India where they were forced by a gang leader called John Chill to build a weapon to bomb a small town with a large gold supply below unbeknowants to the villagers, Martha and Anthony, his parents refused and they were shot dead with shrapnel bullets also shooting their child, who survived but fell into a coma. When he awoke, a month had passed and he was severely injured, he found himself with an electric collar and was forced to create the weapon, but he fled to the outer rim of the cave he'd been held in. Finding a place where he decided they would never find him, he spotted several pieces of technology and scrap metal, which he used to create a new heart that was not dying from the shrapnel, he put himself into surgery and within a month he had stabilised his body. He escaped and stole a jet from the gang to fly back to Gotham, when he arrived he was questioned by reporter Vicky Potts, who he told his story to. Little did he know that one day he would date the 19 year old reporter, despite their four year age gap. He was placed as the head of Stark Industries when he was twenty-one years old.

Iron Bat Edit

he later had recurring dreams of his alternate personalities taking over, but this time the Bat was more justified, humble, manlike. After this he was convinced that he needed to start a war on crime. He spent seventeen years studying forensics, criminology, technology and tactical analysis. Also studying martial arts from all over the world. He fashioned a costume out of metal inspired by the Bat and Tin-Man personalities from 30 years ago, and started his war.

After fighting petty criminals he was nearly unprepared for a bank robbery by a super powered villain called "The Laughing Emperor"shortened to "The Jester". After fighting Bruce The Jester was able to escape, but not without nearly fatal injuries, but though they would have incapacitated any other human being The Jester was able to sustain the injuries and even continue smiling. The strain of the battle and the recently stated fact led Bruce to believe that the Emperor was not completely human. Bruce led an investigation with police officer James Fury to inspect who the Jester really was, and found no trace of any clues to his identity. Later Bruce decided to further investigate in disguise as a thug willing to join The Jester, after a long search he found files on advanced quantum physics that surpassed even his knowledge. The files were encoded and when he finished encoding he could see that the files also had insights on even further knowledge of forensics and biology, Bruce understood and even mentally corrected most of it, he discovered eventually that this man (The Jester) had somehow spliced his DNA with that of a Lizard, which would usually lead to mental instability, but to some minds it was a large form of Hyper-Intellect too much for the human brain to handle. there were also files on artificial rings that could summon electricity at will. He fled to Stark Manor where he put it together piece by piece.

Bruce led an investigation with police officer James Fury to see who the Jester really was


parts of this are no longer considered canon, to see the newer version from after the Day 52 initiative see here. NOT my own work

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