Captain Lantern AKA Steve Jordan, Amalgam comics superhero and the Green Nova Corps member.

Captain Lantern

Bio Edit

Steve Jordan was an American pilot. During WW2, while performing a flight operation, he was shot down and severely injured. Steve woke up in an unfamiliar area, with an unidentified object lying next to him. He crept closer, and saw the dying creature by the name of the Romann Sur. It told Jordan that he had been chosen and gave him a strange outfit. Romann is dead. And Steve rised. And thanks to the equipment, he survived, and even gained the ability to fly. Whether it was a strange gift of fate, or an omen, it remains a mystery to this day. Jordan, better known as Captain Lantern, became a defender of the innocent and a fighter against the Nazis. He was able to find out that in the ranks of the secret Nazi organization, FEAR, there are aliens, and their leader- Arthur Shmidth, a bloodthirsty space criminal-maniac and psycho Red Atrocitus. In an unequal fight with the monster, Steve and his team managed to gain the upper hand, but they lost Bucky. Atrocitus survived, and with the last of his strength fighting with the Lantern, he released a bomb that, at the cost of his life, the Captain was able to redirect to the Arctic ice, where his body was buried under tons of ice, for more than 80 years. He was found by the Avenging League of America, injured and frozen. They helped him and Steve to this day are fighting in the ranks of the League.

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