Catsai AKA Selina Nachios is Amalgam Comics neutral character, and Devilman's love interest.


Bio Edit

Selina Nachios was born in the family of Brian Nachios-a bandit who died in a shootout with a police officer. When Selina grew up, she trained various stealth skills to learn how to steal and mine for her impoverished mother after her father's death. She used his equipment and his combat sai to fend off the police. During one of the robberies, devilman crossed Her road, ruining her plans. Next, she got a job working for the Monarch, thereby taking the place of Oswald's favorite from the Killer Clown. During her time working for the Monarch, she became close to Devilman, who also had feelings for her. She even saved him from death once. Over time, she, like the Clown, stopped working for Oswald and took a more neutral side than a bad one.

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