Civil injustice: gods among war is a video game and a amalgam of Injustice: gods among us and Marvel ultimate alliance 2: civil war.


The story starts with the history of the DC civil war [1] and changes scene after Flashpoint and the Joker tricks Superman into believing the only way to win the civil war was to use a nuke on Batman's side (Whose base was housed in Metropolis). This nuke destroys Metropolis and kills pregnant Lois Lane. Superman kills Joker, he becomes convinced that he has held back and needs to save the world from itself. As Superman begins to grow mad with power and becomes determined to win the civil war, Batman incites a rebellion against this new regime, making a ultimate civil war.


Strangely, Daredevil and She-Hulk from the altinate Marvel universe are still alive, even though they died in Flashpoint. They are still on their respective sides and are playable.

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