Cloak & Dagger is a duo of superheroes in The New 52. Marvel relaunched this title as part of their company-wide reboot of their 52 major titles. It was released on September 7, 2011, written by Kyle Higgins and 'art' by Kenneth Rocafort.

In this new series, Cloak and Dagger resume their superhero activities in Washington, DC, with assistance from The Zombie. They encounter Hammer and Anvil, a new pair of supervillains who possess superpowers similar to theirs. Cloak and Dagger fight Hammer and Anvil after they try to kill President Obama and Cloak's father. Anvil escapes, but Cloak and Anvil manage to defeat Hammer, who is revealed to be an old man.

In the new continuity, Dagger has a tenuous romantic relationship with Zombie, and has appeared in the team comic The Midnight Avengers. The series was cancelled after issue 8 (released April 4, 2012).

During the first issue, the origins of Cloak and Dagger are recounted - Cloak and Dagger have been fighting crime for two years until three years before the start of the series. It is also said that Dagger had a connection to Cloak, known only to herself and Zombie, but unbeknownst to Cloak.

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