Dark Spider in-costume

Peter Wayne, aka Dark-Spider, is a crimefighter and the self-appointed defender of Gotham City.


He eventually realized that he could use these powers to save people and stop criminals like the one who killed his parents. And thus he left to travel the world. Seeking not only to master his powers but gain an assortment of other abilities that he wanted to use in his crusade against evil. Some of his primary mentors in this time are a fellow spider totem named Ezekiel Kirigi, the assassin David Cain (aka The Foreigner), and the scientist Henri Smythe.

He'd eventually return home to Gotham where he'd come to take up the identity of Dark-Spider. Deliberately modeling the persona to be dark and intimidating in order to intimidate the superstitious criminal mind. During this time he forms alliances with other men trying to save Gotham. Namely the police captain George Gordon and the district attorney Harvey Brock. Together they target the major criminal groups, particularly the mob ran by Gotham's most powerful gangster Vincente Falcone. In his personal life as Peter Wayne he would manage to form a strong friendship with Brock as well.

Dark-Spider discovers that there is a new presence in Gotham City called the Hand of Assassins that is at war with Falcone's organization. He also becomes acquainted with the worldly philanthropist Malik al Ghul, who has been helping fun Brock's campaign. Supporting his cause for a bright future for the city. Ghul would take a keen interest in both Wayne and Dark-Spider when they arrive in the city.

Also upon his return however, he found out that the rival business company OsCorp ran by Jack Osborn has been trying to carry out a hostile takeover of Wayne Enterprises that he eventually manages to fight off which deals a horrible blow to Osborn's company.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

After being bitten by the radioactive spider Peter was passed on the powers of the species. Including super strength, reflexes, endurance, wall crawling, and a precognitive "spider sense" that allows him to sense (most) coming danger.

During his travels around the world he managed to accumulate several others skills including martial arts, detective abilities, use of weaponry, escape artistry, and multiple fields of science.


Peter uses an assortment of gadgets, most of which he keeps in his utility belt including the likes of weaponized boomerangs, smoke bombs, lock picks, and a cutting tool. However he also uses webshooters that are of his own design, inspired by his spider motif and thought they would be able to help him in combat as well as a helpful way to travel. At least at times.

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