Grin GoblinEdit

Real Name: Jack Osborn

Fusion of: DC's Joker/Marvel's Norman Osborn

The KrakenEdit

Real Name: Oswald Octavius

Fusion of: DC's Oswald Cobblepot/Marvel's Otto Octavius


Real Name: Harvey Brock

Fusion of: DC's Harvey Dent/Marvel's Eddie Brock

Black CatwomanEdit

Real Name: Selina Hardy

Fusion of: DC's Selina Kyle/Marvel's Felicia Hardy

The GafferEdit

Real Name: Edward Dillon

Fusion of: DC's Edward Nigma/Marvel's Maxwell Dillon

Malik al GhulEdit

Real Name: Unknown

Fusion of: DC's Ra's Al Ghul/Marvel's Wilson Fisk

Prof. JackalEdit

Real Name: Miles Strange

Fusion of: DC's Hugo Strange/Marvel's Miles Warren

Bane the HunterEdit

Real Name: ???

Fusion of: DC's Bane/Marvel's Sergei Kravinoff


Real Name: Quentin Crane

Fusion of: DC's Jonathan Crane/Marvel's Quentin Beck

The DodoEdit

Real Name: Adrian Tetch

Fusion of: DC's Jervis Tetch/Marvel's Adrian Toomes

Ashen CrocEdit

Real Name: Waylon Lincoln

Fusion of: DC's Waylon Jones/Marvel's Lonnie Lincoln

Mr. FreezerburnEdit

Real Name: Victor Raxton

Fusion of: DC's Victor Fries/Marvel's Mark Raxton


Real Name: Kirk Connors

Fusion of: DC's Kirk Langstrom/Marvel's Curt Connors

Black GoblinEdit

Real Name: Roman Kingsley

Fusion of: DC's Roman Sionis/Marvel's Roderick Kingsley

Mr. CarnageEdit

Real Name: Cletus Zsasz

Fusion of: DC's Victor Zsasz/Marvel's Cletus Kasady


Real Name: Thomas Smerdyakov

Fusion of: DC's Thomas Elliot/Marvel's Dmitri Smerdyakov


Alias: MacDonald Lawton

Fusion of: DC's Floyd Lawton/Marvel's MacDonald Gargan



Real Name: Adriana Isley

Fusion of: DC's Pamela Isley/Marvel's Adriana Soria

The Ventriloquist and Big ManEdit

Real Name: Arnold Foswell

Fusion of: DC's Arnold Wesker/Marvel's Frederick Foswell


Real Name: Herman Buchinsky

Fusion of: DC's Lester Buchinksy/Marvel's Herman Schultz


Real Name: Aleksei Desmond

Fusion of: DC's Mark Desmond/Marvel's Aleksei Sytsevich

The SolutionEdit

Real Name: Aaron Brown

Fusion of: DC'S Arthur Brown/Marvel's Aaron Nicholson

Dr. Simon TravellerEdit

Alias: Judas Wayne

Fusion of: DC's Simon Hurt/Marvel's Judas Traveller

Fadi al GhulEdit

Real Name: Fadi al Ghul

Fusion of: DC's Talia al Ghul/Marvel's Silver Sablinova


Real Name: Thomas Fireheart

Fusion of: DC's Thomas Blake/Marvel's Thomas Fireheart

Killer FlyEdit

Real Name: Drury Deacon

Alias: Richard van Cleer

Fusion of: DC's Drury Walker/Marvel's Richard Deacon

Fire BeetleEdit

Real Name: Garfield Jenkins

Fusion of: DC's Garfield Lynns/Abner Jenkins

Nocturna, the Living VampireEdit

Real Name: Natalia Morbius

Fusion of: DC's Natalia Knight/Marvel's Michael Morbius


Real Name: Phineas Kuttler

Fusion of: DC's Noah Kuttler/Marvel's Phineas Mason


Real Name: Otis Whelan

Fusion of: DC's Otis Flannegan/Marvel's Edwad Whelan


Real Name: Grace Stegron

Fusion of: DC's Grace Balin/Marvel's Vincent Stegron

The Flying SaucerEdit

Real Name: Jackson Brown

Fusion of: DC's Charles Brown/Marvel's Jackson Weele

Light ShowEdit

Real Name: Paul Lansky

Fusion of: DC's Paul Dekker/Marvel's Edward Lansky

Mr. SpotEdit

Real Name: Jonathon Krill

Fusion of: DC's Abner Krill/Marvel's Jonathon Ohnn

Fancy FoxEdit

Real Name: Daniel Lawford

Fusion of: DC's Warren Lawford/Marvel's Daniel Brito

Bio: A member of the Terrible Enforcers.


Real Name: Jackson Lydecker

Fusion of: DC's Armand Lydecker/Marvel's Jackson Bride

Bio: A member of the Terrible Enforcers.

Bull SharkEdit

Real Name: Raymond Hardwicke

Fusion of: DC's Gunther Hardwicke/Marvel's Raymond Bloch

Bio: A member of the Terrible Enforcers.


Real Name: Steven Rigger

Fusion of: DC's Joseph Rigger/Marvel's Steven Hudak

Black ArachnidEdit

Real Name: Eric LaMuerto

Fusion of: DC's Eric Needham/Marvel's Carlos LaMuerto

Spencer DucardEdit

Alias: None

Fusion of: DC's Henri Ducard/Marvel's Spencer Smythe


Real Name: Alistaire Ducard

Fusion of: DC's Morgan Ducard/Marvel's Alistaire Smythe


Real Name: Stanley Capsian

Fusion of: DC's Judson Caspian/Marvel's Stanley Carter

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