Dark Claw: The Animated Series is a combo of X-Men: The Animated Series and Batman: The Animated Series.


Season 1Edit

Night of Leather Wings

Christmas with Magneto

Deadly Fear

Captive Laughs

Pretty Vengeance

Underdwellers Island

The Unstopable P.O.V.

The Forgotten Cure

Be the Apocalypse

Two-Days Past (Part 1)

Two-Days Past (Part 2)

It's never the final Decision

Season 2Edit

I've got Dark Claw in my Basement (Part 1)

Till Death do us Part (Part 2)

Red Ice

The Cat and the Repo Man (Part 1)

The Cat and the Repo Man (Part 2)

X-Ternally see no more

Beware the Time Fugitive (Part 1)

Beware the Time Fugitive (Part 2)

A Doom's Tale

Beauty and the Clay (Part 1)

Beauty and the Clay (Part 2)

Hyena's Favorvision

The Reunion of Vendetta (Part 1)

The Reunion of Vendetta (Part 2)

Season 3Edit

Out of Fear (Part 1)

Out of Fear (Part 2)

Firebird Saga (Part 1) The Sacrifice King

Firebird Saga (Part 2) Appointment in Dark Shroud Alley

Firebird Saga (Part 3) Cry of the Hatter

Firebird Saga (Part 4) The Darkjammers

Firebird Sage (Part 5) Child of Youth

No Metamutant is a Dream

Longshot's Reckoning

The Cold Fish

Savage Night, Savage Ninja

Dark Firebird Saga (Part 1) Dazzled Fever

Dark Firebird Saga (Part 2) The Strange Secret of the Inner Circle

Dark Firebird Saga (Part 3) The Dark Steel

Dark Firebird Saga (Part 4) The Fate of the Heart of Steel

If you're so smart, why aren't you at orphan's end?

Love in Wild

The Tyger Returns

A Deal with the Wolf

Day of the Sanctuary

Xavier's Terror

Almost got Courage

Secrets of a Feather

Season 4Edit

What is Nightcreeper

One Man's Night (Part 1)

One Man's Night (Part 2)

Off Proteus (Part 1)

Off Proteus (Part 2)

The Man who killed Family Ties


Paging the Steel Doctor

White Witch Lies, and Video Tapes

Have yourself a little Mechanic Christmas

Beyond Good and Evil (Part 1) The End of Harley and Ivy

Beyond Good and Evil (Part 2) Promise of the Bat

Beyond Good and Evil (Part 3) The Demon Chamber

Beyond Good and Evil (Part 4) The Demon's End

Season 5Edit

The Silicon Covenant (Part 1)

The Silicon Covenant (Part 2)

Storm from Olympus

Read my fith Horsemen

The Old Worry Soldiers

Hidden Sideshow

A Bullet for Descent

Trial Day

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