This is a Dark Claw continuation series.

Issue 1Edit

Like Clobber Like Son - Dark Claw comes face to face with Talia Al Silverfox, and meets his son Daken Wayne. Silverfox has Logan take care of Daken from now on, but Daken isn't that easy to live with.

Issue 2Edit

Sons of the Father - Daken meets Shadow Robin back in New Gotham, and the 2 don't get along at all.

Issue 3Edit

Shivering - Freeze Child attacks Daken, and Dark Claw comes to his rescue.

Issue 4Edit

Hate Is A Many Clawed Thing - Daken starts to hate Dark Claw, and The Hyena, who has returned from The Arkham Raft, takes advantage of that, and gets Daken to fight Dark Claw.

Issue 5Edit

League of There Own - The Club of Hellfire Assassins bring in Daken Wayne, and train him to fight Dark Claw.

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