Dark Claw

This is my version of Dark Claw. Some things remain the same, although there are others that are changed.


Follows the original. Basically...

At the age of 5, after witnessing his parents' murder at the hands of an armed robber, Logan Wayne was sent to live with his uncle in Alberta, Canada. His uncle was a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and was ambushed and murdered by poachers a short time after his arrival in Canada. After the death of his uncle, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police sent Logan to live in a home run by nuns and as soon as he was old enough, he enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force, landing in the same outfit as Creed H. Quinn.

Both Logan and Creed were submitted to the Weapon X project, the Canadian Super-Soldier program. It was here that Logan had adamantium bonded to his bones and he learned of his metamutant nature. Throughout the course of the project, the other subject, Quinn, became increasingly insane and would later become Dark Claw's most dangerous enemy, the Hyena.

The Weapon X project was terminated due to its dual failure: Logan was ineffective as a weapon because he possessed a conscience, and Creed was criminally insane. The files were deleted and the existence of the program was utterly expunged with the exception of a few fragments of notes by a Professor Carter Nichols later uncovered by the Huntress.


  • Sparrow (Robin [Tim]/Jubilee)
  • Hyena (Joker/Sabretooth)
  • Omega Freeze (Mr. Freeze/Omega Red)
  • Deadwing (Nightwing/Deadpool)
  • Silver Cat (Catwoman/Silver Fox)
  • Kitty Gordan AKA Catgirl (Barbara Gordan/Kitty Pryde)
  • Poisonstrike (Poison Ivy/Deathstrike)
  • Oswald Stryker (Penguin/William Stryker)
  • Silver Riddler (Riddler/Silver Samauri)
  • Bloodscare (Scarecrow/Bloodscream)
  • Akihiro Todd AKA Roken AKA Black Hood (Jason Todd/Daken)
  • Cybane (Bane/Cyber)
  • Mariko Vale (Vicki Vale/Mariko Yashida)
  • Killerbringer (Killer Croc/Doombringer)
  • Hugo Trask (Hugo Strange/Bolivard Trask)
  • Roug-Face (Two-face/Roughouse)

More to be added....

Other MediaEdit

  • Dark Claw: The Animated Series (Batman: The Animated Series/X-men: the Animated Series)
  • Dark Claw: the Evolution (The Batman/X-men Evolution)
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold/Wolverine and the X-men: ???
  • Dark Claw (film) (Batman [1989 film]/X-men [film])
  • DC2: United Return (Batman Returns/X2: X-men United)
  • Dark Claw: the Forever Stand (Batman Forever/X-men: the Last Stand)
  • Dark Claw: Origins Begin (Batman Begins/X-men Origins: Wolverine)
  • The Dark Claw (The Dark Knight/The Wolverine)
  • The Dark Knight Rises/???
  • Dark Claw: Arkham Legends (Batman: Arkham Asylum/X-men Legends)
  • Dark Claw: Legends City (Batman: Arkham City/X-men Legacy 2: Rise of Apocalypse)
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