Dark Claw and the Outsiders X is an American superhero television series, based on Amalgam comics character, Dark Claw, costumed crime fighter who got an adamantium bones.

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Plot Edit

The Former military Logan Wayne who has amnesia started his career as a vigilante to protect the Canadian City North Gotham. He must dig in his past to find his oldself, but it's full of the dark and death. He fighted criminals like a Hyena, Spiral Harley and Big Question. He decided to work in duo with Sparrow, his stepdaughter, who has x-gen. But when he knew about the evil who will come to the town, he started assemble the team of the men who has x-gen. The recruits must to come the hard way to finally become the team.

Characters Edit

Dark Claw - Logan Wayne is Canadian former military who fighting aganist North Gotham's crime.

Sparrow - Jubilation Drake is Logan's stepduaghter who has power of fireworks and acrobatics.

Sparrow X - Damian Kinney is Logan's real son and Wolverine in the future.

Hyena - Victor Quinzel is failed super soldier experiment, and crime of North Gotham.

Spiral Harley - Harleen Waytword is biggest Hyena's fan and she has 4 arms.

Big Quiestion - Crime boss in North Gotham he has no superpowers, but he has genius mind.

Flamebird - young mutant who joined the Outsiders X. She has fire superpowers.

Appolo - mutant who can blasting ray from his arms. Joined Otsiders X.

Colosso - russian mutant who can turn into other elements, but his favorite is metall.

Ras' Apocalypse - demon who has immortal army. The first mutant and villain to Outsiders X.

Rampage - prisoner who went to the experiment with Cytorrac stone, and turned into the monster.

Black King - Oswald Shaw the crime king of North Gotham.

Episodes Edit

1 season

Episode 1 "The Rise"

Episode 2 "The sins of the past"

Episode 3 "Weapon B"

Episode 4 "Endgame"

Episode 5 "Outsiders"

Episode 6 "Scott"

Episode 7 "Run for your life"

Episode 8 "Rampage"

Episode 9 "John"

Episode 10 "Coming"

Episode 11 "War"

Episode 12 "Piotr"

Episode 13 "Edward"

Episode 14 "Hunt"

Episode 15 "Hunger"

Episode 16 "Hell"

Episode 17 "Magician"

Episode 18 "Scrullian Manhunter"

Episode 19 "Apocalypse war part 1"

Episode 20 "Apocalypse war part 2"

Episode 21 "Apocalypse war part 3"

Episode 22 "Logan"

Season 2

Coming soon...

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