Deathseid, also named Thanhas, Amalgam Comics super-villain and cosmic tyrant.


Bio Edit

Thanhas was born on the planet Apoctan, and was an ugly, despicable farmer, until the moment he conceived a rebellion against the Old Eternals. He killed them, one by one, while they were sleeping. He absorbed their powers, and became a powerful Deathseid. His brother Agon, also received the power of Eternals, but in order to take revenge on Thanhas, as Highfather. They fought until Apoctan turned into a desolate, abandoned area, with mountains of corpses everywhere. Agon escaped, and organized his settlement: New Zenn-Attilan. His example was followed by his brother, creating his own settlement. Over time, Deathseid mastered magic, and learned about the Anti-Life stones, capable of mass extermination of people, and therefore to solve the problem of overpopulation. For Thanhos it's just a manifestation of himself in front of his beloved's Death. He has two children: a valiant Silver Hunter and a ruthless Obsidian.

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