Heroes Edit

Demon Hulk Edit

Real Name: Jason Banner

Fusion: Hulk + Etrigan the Demon

Bio: The scientist who tested the gamma bomb at the site of the exorcist temple. When a teenage Boston Jones drove into the landfill, Jason pushed him out of the range of radiation, but he was irradiated himself, and besides, the explosion opened the line between hell and our world. Banner was possessed by a demon that became his second identity.

She-Demon Edit

Real Name: Jennifer Ryder

Fusion of: She-Hulk + Creeper

Bio: Cousin of Jason Banner, who, as a result of a serious wound, needed a blood transfusion from him. For an unknown reason, the Grin Goblin toxin got into the radioactive blood for transfusion, and as result, a slighty crazy gamma superheroine She-Demon appeared.

Dead-Bomb Edit

Real Name: Boston Jones

Fusion: A-Bomb + Deadman

Bio: Boston Jones was a teenager who accidentaly went to a training ground located on the site the temple of the exorcists, and at that moment miltary began to to test the bomb. Scientist Jason Banner noticed Boston and pushed him away, as a result of an explosion, demons burst out from the hell, and one of them moved into the scientist. After the explosion, Jones thought that he was okay, but in fact a ghost from hell infiltrated him and, as a result of his anger, Boston turns into a huge gray creature- Dead-Bomb.

Red Xanadu Edit

Real Name: Betty Ross

Fusion of: Red She-Hulk + Madame Xanadu

Glenn Merlin Edit

Fusion of: Glenn Talbot + Merlin

Villains Edit

Brother Brain Edit

Real Name: Sebastian Sterns

Fusion of: Leader + Brother Blood

Bio: Sebastian Sterns was a scientist who secretly led the Church of Riot terrorist organization. When this was learned in ministry, an armed derachment was sent to the Sterns laboratory. Not wanting to be executed, Sterns injects himself the blood of the Demon Hulk and turns on the gamma reactor, blowing up the laboratory. Sebastian survived by taking a new name - Brother Brain, and became a frequent enemy of the Demon Hulk and Teen Avengers.

Solomon the Abominible Edit

Alias: Emil Gold

Fusion of: Abomination + Solomon Grandy

Bio: Emil Gold was former military, who was killed by his enemies. His corpse fall into the Slaughter Swamp. Toxic water made him abominable and stupid. After that he came to desert where is Jason Banner's lab was.The radiation made him stronger, but more monstrous. He forgot his name, but from the lab, he heard a "Solomon Grundy song", he named himself Solomon.

Element Knight Edit

Real Name: sir Justin Kril

Fusion of: Absorbing Man + Shining Knight

Red Asteroth Edit

Real Name: general Arthur Ross

Fusion of: Red Hulk + Asteroth

Bio: In the past, Jason Banner's boss, the father of his beloved Betty Ross, ordered him to test a gamma bomb ahead of time,resulting in the appearance of the Demon Hulk. Wanting to catch an extremely dangerous monster for people, as the government believes, Ross conducts a ceremony and makes a deal with Etrigan's long-time enemy-the Asterot, also injecting himself with Jason's radioactive blood.

Mother Mad Edit

Real Name: Sonya Sterns

Fusion of: Madman + Mother Blood

Hell Hulk Edit

Real Name: Ben Banner

Fusion of: Brian Banner + Belial

Gentelman Lightning Edit

Real Name: Zachery Craddock

Fusion of: Zzzax + Gentelman Ghost

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