Devilman AKA Matt Wayne - Amalgam superhero and Hell City vigilante.


Bio Edit

Matt was a smart and capable boy. He grew up in Hell City with his friend Alfred Nelson. When Matt was 14, his parents were killed in a chemical plant explosion, and he lost his eyesight forever. After this incident, Matt felt that all of his senses were heightened, which compensated for the loss of vision. At 17, he left his home and went on a journey around the world to learn how to fight superbly and get combat skills. He learned battle skills from Sensei Stick, ninja style from Kirigi, assassin skills from David Magnum, marksmanship from Oliver Barton, wrestling skills from T'Challa, and other skills from Master Khan. When he returned to Hell City, he vowed to fight crime, due to his combat knowledge. He turned to his friend Waylon Potter, also known as Gladigator, and he created a suit for Matt. Since then, Wayne has been protecting the city from threats such as Killer Clown, Fowl, Titan, Monarch, and Nega-Face. But not without the help of his friends: Alfred, White Robin, Hellbat, Hector Gordon, Tigergirl and Catsai.

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