Dick Murdock was the son of the famed Battlin' Murdocks. His parents were popular boxers. What Dick didn't know was that they were working with a criminal organization named the Intermaggia. When they were told to throw a match, they refused. This lead to the Intermaggia sending Zucco Sweney to kill all of the murdocks. Dick witnessed his parents get shot in the boxing ring. He ran for his life and ran into radioactive chemicals that blinded him forever. Stark Wayne witnessed everything and decided to adopt the boy. Dick would find out that Stark Wayne was Gothox's superhero Iron Predator. Stark decided to make him his partner known as Red Devil. Later, Dick would form the Young Titans and change his name to Dusk. He is currently protecting Hell's Haven. He has had relationships with the alien Chavez and his friend Barbara Natchios who is Stalker. He is the one to stand up to the Intermaggia the most along with Static-Spider, Iron Predator, and Ultimate.

Cast of Characters Edit

  • Elektra/Batgirl 2 = Stalker(Barbara Natchios)
  • Karen Page/Cheyenne Freemont = Cheyenne Page
  • Gannon Malloy/Foggy Nelson = Foggy Malloy
  • Hell's Kitchen/Bludhaven = Hell's Haven
  • Roscoe Sweney/Tony Zucco = Zucco Sweney
  • The Boss/Kingpin = The King
  • Bullseye/Deadshot = Shoteye
  • Nuke/Shrike = War
  • Prankster/Jester = Jokester
  • Death-Stalker/Spook = Spook-Stalker
  • Typhoid Mary/Lady Vic = Lady Typhoid
  • Gladiator/Brutale = Gravedigger
  • Blockbuster 2/Owl = The Crow
  • Death's Head/Dr. Death = Death's Doctor
  • Stilt-Man/Double Dare = Double Stilts
  • Bushwacker/Torgue = Gunman
  • Ra's Al Ghul/Master Khan = Ra's Al Khan
  • Talia Al Ghul/Master Izo = Izalia Al Khan
  • League of Assassins/The Hand = League of the Hand
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