Earth-3S is a universe within the Amalgam Multiverse. It is a partially "reverse" universe, instead of a Judgement League there is a Crime Squadron. Earth-3S is an amalgamation of Earth-3, the Antimatter Universe, the Negative Zone and Earth-712.

Locations and Points of Interest Edit

Amerikan Continent Edit

Amerika Edit

  • Benedict State
    • Benedict D.C (Capital)
      • White House
      • Oval Office
      • Center of Commons
  • New Troy (State)
    • Centromic City
    • Costropolis
      • Daily Center
  • California (State)
    • Coastal City
      • Ferris Aircraft Industries

Mexico Edit

  • Nuevo Cristero (State)
    • Nueva Esparta (Capital)

European Continent Edit

England Edit

  • Skotland (State)
    • Glassklow (Second Capital)
    • Wlasko
  • English State
    • London (First Capital)
    • Winchester
    • Manchester

Modora Edit

  • Modoran Capital

Space Edit

  • Squatican [Panoptican/Squadron City] {Moonbase}
  • Qwarnon [Qward/Achernon]

History Edit

Minor Events of History Edit

Things in Earth-3S are reversed in one way or another. Example: Christopher Columbus was an Amerikan explorer who discovered the European continent. It was Amerikan President Benedict Arnold who ordered General George Washington to conquer Colonial England when it declared independence from Amerika, to which he failed having to give his precious sword to English General Charles Cornwallis. And it was actor Abe Lincoln that assassinated the 16th Amerikan President John Wilkes Booth.

Rise of the Crime Squadron Edit

At the dawn of the 21st century a group composed of 6 super criminals arose. This villains were unopposed at first however soon they systematically and literally took over the world's various governments. Then various heroic groups rose up against their rule. The first battles against the villains resulted in victories for the heroes however soon the villains would gain additional victories.

Fall of Justice Edit

Notable Figures Edit

Crime Squadron Edit

Founding Members Edit

  • Crime Squadron [Crime Syndicate/Squadron Supreme]
    • Ultranaut (Cain Kent) [Ultraman/Juggernaut]
    • Owlknight (Marc Wayne) [Owlman/Moon Knight]
    • Super Hunter (Angela Lane) [Superwoman/Angela]
    • Power Ring (Billy Harrolds) [Power Ring]
    • Quick Whiz (Jonathan Stewart) [Johnny Quick/Whizzer]
    • White Skrull (Sk'ym'x J'onzz) [White Martian/Sk'ym'x]

Extended Squadron Edit

  • Blackeye (Wyatt Queen) [Deadeye/Black Archer]
  • Blood Hawk (James Dore) [Blood Eagle/Blue Eagle]
  • Deathnuke (Martin Albert Stein) [Deathstorm/Nuke]
  • Dark Arcanna (Arcanna Arataz) [Annataz Arataz/Moonglow]

Crime International Edit

  • Halon (Harold Grayson) [Talon/Haywire]
  • King Amphibian (N/A) [Sea King/Amphibian]
  • Gold Centurion (Nathaniel Carter) [Booster Gold/Scarlet Centurion]

Justice Institute Edit

  • Justice Institute [Justice Underground/Institute of Evil]
    • Lampresite (Donald Jones) [Parasite/Lamprey]
    • General Gorilla-X [Geberal Grodd/Ape X]
    • Doctor Quiz (Edward Decibel) [Quizmaster/Doctor Decibel]
    • Minkwoman (Julie Kyle) [Catwoman/Mink]
    • Polamite (Sam Emerson) [Polaris/Thermite]
    • Sir Grundstone (Solomon Redstone) [Sir Solomon Grundy/Redstone]
    • Q-Mire (Clifford Myers) [Q-Ranger/Quagmire]
    • Lady Inertia (Edith Wladon) [Lady Sonar/Inertia]
    • More to add...

Character Origins Edit

Crime Squadron Edit

Ultranaut Edit

Colonel Cain Kent was a leading commander in Amerika's Space Program. During an expedition to the planet Mars, Cain would find an alien armor of unknown origin. He would put it on, in the hopes of boosting his popularity. Once he put the helmet-mask hybrid, it would automatically give him the information of the vast cosmos and essentially the Galaxy, implying the previous owner of the armor was an explorer documenting the various planets of Earth-3S's universe. The colonel would return to his Earth, a changed man so he turned to a life of crime, finding some remnants of peace with five other criminals.

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