Real Name: Hanter Daniels

Fusion of: Zoom + Blackout

Bio: Hanter Daniels was a laboratory assistant to Dr. Abner Croit, a physicist hoping to build a device capable of tapping into energies from other dimensions. Croit always looked down on Daniels's inferior knowledge, making him feel useless. Daniels always wondered what it would be like to harness the energy they were researching, to be powerful. After an accident bathed him in the extradimensional energy, he had the chance to find out. Calling himself Eclipse, his body was now flushed with power, becoming a conduit of control of at least 2  dimensions, the darkforce and the speed force. However, despite his powers threatening to go out of control, he escaped from Croit’s attempts to cure him and fled. Later, he fights with Quickflash and becomes one of the strongest opponents of speedster on a par with Red Grodd and Professor Speed.
As Eclipse, he uses his powers for evil, with one horrible side effect. His psyche is being separated over three different dimensions. Who knows how much time he has left...or if a cure can be found.

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