Heroes Edit

Fallen Devil Edit

Real Name: Matt Lane

Fusion of: Daredevil + Azrael 1;2

Red Huntress Edit

Real Name: Helena Natchios

Fusion of: Elektra + Huntress

Villains Edit

Carmine Fisk Edit

Fusion of: Kingpin + Carmine Falcone

Magik Edit

Alias: Lester Merlyn

Fusion of: Bullseye + Merlyn

Corsar Edit

Real Name: Matson Potter

Fusion of: Gladiator + The Hook

Bio: A mercenary in the service of Nobu Ghul, who lost his hand in battle with the Fallen Devil. Not wanting to lose anymore, he creates an armored suit, which also has a plase for a prosthetic arm and fights with the Fallen Devil. His story ended with Mister Scare poisoning him with a fear toxin, and Matson was sent to a Arkham Island for the rest of his life.

Mister Scare Edit

Real Name: Larry Crane

Fusion of: Mister Fear + Scarecrow

Clown Edit

Real Name: unknown

Fusion of: Jester + Razorburn

Bio: A psycho assasin of the League of the Hand, using foolish-themed weapons created by Mad Tinkerer in battle.

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