The Fantastic Family is a combo of The Fantastic Four and The Superman Family. They live in The Planet Building in New Metropolis.

First RosterEdit

  • Superman/Mr. Fantastic: Fantasticman, a scientist from Krypto The Living Planet, predicted the planet would die of old age, which it did. Luckily, he prepared, and made 2 escape pods. One for him, and one for his wife. When he landed on Earth, he got the fake name Reed Kent. His special Kryptonian powers were invulnerability, elasticity, and laser eyes.
  • Supergirl/Invisible Woman: Invisblegirl, Fantasticman's wife from Krypto The Living Planet who was thought to be dead until she landed on Earth. Her special Kryptonian powers included flight, laser eyes, making force fields with her mind, and invisibility.
  • Steel/The Thing: Steel Thing, the best friend of Reed Kent, Fantasticman, who was working on radioactivity and cosmic rays, but a fire made the machine go wrong and mutate John Benjamin Grimm into a, well, thing with hard, steel, bumpy orange skin.
  • Superboy/Human Torch: Superhuman Torch, a rebellious teen who signed up for a C.A.D.M.U.S. project where he was given the powers and abilitites of Fantasticman, but the project failed and his molecules were bombarded with cosmic energy and radioactive sludge that gave him fire powers.
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