Origin Edit

Professor Steve Richards, who conducted illegal experiments with Franklin Caulder, once came to success by opening a portal to a parallel dimension - the Ghost Zone. By an amazing chance, four people were in the same place at the same time. While Steve was opening the portal, a strange radiation hit him, Rita Storm, Larry Caulder, and Clifford Grimm. All four of them felt a surge of strength and discovered strange abilities. They left the test zone in horror and left each other for several years. Up to one point. When the city was invaded by a Human Rodent, all four felt that only they could save the city... After the victory, they decided to join a community called the Fantastic Patrol. Their so-called mentor was Franklin Caulder, who was paralyzed during radiation. Over the years of working together, they have become not just a team of heroes, they have also become a family.

Fantastic Patrol

Members Edit

Mr Mento (Steven Richards) - the leader of the team. He was the Franklin Caulder's assistaint, who opened the portal to Ghost Zone. After the radiation, he got the powers. His powers was telepaty and telekinesis ability. He is the Rita Storm secret lover. After some adventures, Steve married her.

Elasti-Lady (Rita Storm) - she is the adopted Franklin Caulder's daughter. After irradiation, she gained the ability to stretch and create mental force fields. Rita married Steve Richards.

Negative Torch (Larry Caulder) - he is the Franklin Caulder's biological son and the pilot. After irradiation, his face was badly injured, but he gained the ability to take Negative Torch form, that can manipulate negative energy. He hates Clifford Grimm, but secretly, his thinking, that he is Fantastic Patrol coolest member.

Robo-Thing (Clifford Grimm) - the Steve's best friend. He is the professional racer. After the visiting test zone, he was irradiated by strange energy, that made his skin become particly stone. He tried to cure that, but only Richards can help him. After the reuniting with his old friend, he became the Fantastic Patrol member.

Allies Edit

  • Franklin Caulder (Franklin Storm/Niles Caulder)
  • Temperature (Alyssa Desai) (Celsius/Allysa Moy)
  • Captain Freak (Freak/Captain Hero)
  • Crazy Skrull (Lyja Challis) (Crazy Jane/Lyja)
  • Psionic Avenger (Karma/Psionics)
  • Hitting Heat (Fever/Volcana)
  • Tarianna the Coagula (Coagula/Tarianna)
  • Vibro Man (Joshua Clay/Vibraxas)
  • Human-Nova (Valentina Vostok/Frankie Raye)
  • Herbie the Scrap (Danny the Street/H.E.R.B.I.E.)
  • Uatu the Guardian (Ganthet/Uatu the Watcher)

Locations Edit

  • Doom Building (Doom Mansion/Baxter Building)
  • Latvurac (Qurac/Latveria)
  • Ghost Zone (Phantom Zone/Negative Zone)

Villains Edit

  • Doctor Brain (Brain/Doctor Doom)
  • Marlo von Bardas (Marlo/Lucia von Bardas)
  • Damage (Rampage/Thundra)
  • Shizo (Bug-Man/Psycho-Man)
  • Rodent-Man (A-V-M-Man/Mole-Man)
  • Stratoids (Strata/Moloids)
  • Puppet King (Puppet Master/Puppeter)
  • Wicked Thinker (Dr Sivana/Mad Thinker)
  • Mister Android (Mr Atom/Awesome Android)
  • Molecule 104 (Mister 104/Molecule Man)
  • Doctor Diablo (Doctor Alchemy/Diablo)
  • Mr Impossible (Mr Mxyztptlk/Impossible Man)
  • Ultra the Super-Skrull (Ultra/Super-Skrull)
  • Replicon the Power-Skrull (Replicon/Paibok)
  • Thundeer (Thotan/Blastaar)
  • Infexion (Parallax/Annihilus)
  • Red Ceasar (Red Jack/Gaius Tiberius Aggrippa)
  • Erasermen (Scissormen/Living Eraser)
  • Frighthood Four (Brotherhood of Evil/Frightful Four)
  • Timer Man (Clock King, Doctor Tyme/Wizard)
  • Elasity (Madame Rouge/Salamandra)
  • Glue King (Condiment King/Trapster)
  • Monsieur Dragon (Monsieur Mallah/Dragon-Man)
  • Gentleman Klaw (Gentleman Ghost/Klaw)
  • Plasmus Man (Plasmus/Hydro-Man)
  • Miss Fear (Phobia/Vertigo)
  • Gargasax (Garguax/Abraxas)
  • Untouchable Ghost (Mr Nobody/Red Ghost)
  • Black Houngan (Houngan/Black Talon)
  • Gizelle (Gemini/Gazelle)
  • Man-Beast (Elephant-Man/Behemoth)
  • Goldy (Goldilocks/Karisma)
  • Galactiac (Brainiac/Galactus)
  • ??? (Warp/???)
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