Ghost Rider is a character from the Marvel: The New 52. In this new timeline, details of Johnny Blaze's history have changed. He has never been married to Roxanne Simpson, and instead is in a relationship with police officer Stacy Dolan. Dan Ketch does not appear to be present in this timeline. Sister Sarah is now a member of the Midnight Sons as The Caretaker, although their relationship is unclear. Ghost Rider begins to learn more about Zarathos, which begins to enhance his abilities and health. With the help of Father Fate, he begins to understand and grasp his supernatural powers.


Move OnEdit

On his first major adventure, Ghost Rider encounters The Undying, an army of demonic clones of his old friend, Jack D'Aura. Jack wanted to save his clones from an early death, but unknowingly causes a huge psychic blast that deactivates every single piece of technology across Texas. After saving Roxanne Simpson from a prison riot at Titanlock Prison, Ghost Rider distributes two barges developed by Father Fate that contain supplies, spell-books and supernatural items to help in the relief effort. Afterwards, Ghost Rider reaches Jack, who is strapped to a gravestone in a ritual that will prevent the clones from dying. Unfortunately, the ritual goes wrong and Ghost Rider manages to stop the demonic energy from exploding, preventing the demonic energy from covering the entire atmosphere. Although the city is saved, the clones die and Jack escapes, blaming Ghost Rider for Undying's death. Also, Father Fate tells the Rider he was actually the one who caused the blast of demonic energy: when he contained the blast, he actually sent the demonic energy across time. Apparently, every time Johnny uses his powers to transform into the Rider, time rifts are created. Fate warns that he will have to get rid of the Rider in order to prevent oblivion. More to be added...

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