Heroes Edit

Zartaros Edit

Alias: The Fallen Angel

Fusion of: Marvel's Zarathos/DC's Aztar

Ghost Spectre 1 Edit

Real Name: Johnny Corrigan

Fusion of: Marvel's Johnny Blaze/DC's Jim Corrigan

Bio: A former detective, currently a motorcycle racer, who made a deal with Neristo to save his father from illness, however, Barton later died from performing the trick. Angry at the demon who tricked him, Corrigan promises to fight demonic forces all over the world with the help of Zartaros - an entity that Neristo instilled in him.

Ghost Spectre 2 Edit

Real Name: Danny Allen

Fusion of: Marvel's Danny Catch/DC's Crispus Allen

Ghost Spectre 3 Edit

Real Name: Alejandra Xanadu

Fusion of: Marvel's Alejandra Jones/DC's Madame Xanadu

Ghost Spectre 4 Edit

Real Name: Taylor Reyes

Fusion of: Marvel's Robby Reyes/DC's Taylor Pike

Villains Edit

Neristo Edit

Alias: Satan

Fusion of: Marvel's Mephisto/DC's Neron

Blackfist Edit

Alias: Son of Neristo

Fusion of: Marvel's Blackhearth/DC's Kulak

Bio: Dark Magician and Neristo's son from another dimension. He accountered Ghost Spectre countless times and was not killed. That means he is most powerful and smart enemy. His demonic powers can defeat many heroes and his army is over-powered empire of evil creatures.

Vengeanipso Edit

Real Name: Michael Gordon

Fusion of: Marvel's Vengeance/DC's Eclipso

Kungout Edit

Alias: Blazin

Fusion of: Marvel's Blackout/DC's Kung

Blazith Edit

Alias: Mother of Demons

Fusion of: Marvel's Lilith/DC's Blaze

Monsieur Orb Edit

Real Name: Drake Stigmonius

Fusion of: Marvel's The Orb/DC's Monsieur Stigmonius

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