Emperor Namor is limited series taking place in the Ghostpoint Universe.


Once set to enter a political marriage with Sif of the Asgardians, Emperor Namor now seeks revenge on the Asgardians for the death of his true queen, Lady Dorma. Forging an alliance with Night Thrasher, Namor abducts the country's king, Shen Kuei, and uses his powers within a giant seismic bomb, leading to war, and the flooding of half of England. The war between the Atlanteans and Asgardians is almost here as Namor invades New Asgard. With Dorma dead, Namor has his heart set on revenge. He sends Dorma’s sister, Andromeda, and his best friend, Warlord Krang, into the Palace of Valkyries and onto the frontlines of battle. The time has finally come for Namor and Thor to bring their battle face to face. But before all hell is unleashed, Sif has a startling revelation to share with Namor that might change all the reasons behind why they’re even at war.

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