Gladigator AKA Waylon Potter is amalgam super-villain and Devilman's enemy.


(I didn't find any arts, that's why I drew this terrible picture)

Bio Edit

Waylon Potter was born with rary genetic disease, that made his skin looks like scale. His parents escaped, when they saw their son. As a teenager, he was caught and forced to fight in underground Gladiator fights. There, he learned wrestling skills and engineering to create Gladiator armor. When Waylon grew up, he managed to free himself and escape to the streets of Hell City. He had to survive. Over the years, he began to lose his mind and become attached to cannibalism. In 2003, he met a young Matt Wayne who tried to help Waylon and became His friend. A few years later, Matt decided to become a vigilante. Using engineering skills, Waylon created a prototype suit for Matt. Since Wayne had become a Devilman, he had not visited Waylon, who had finally lost his mind due to prolonged loneliness and human persecution. He started eating people. Through the pain, Matt had to fight Waylon, who was dubbed the Gladigator in the press. After Waylon was admitted to the Arkham Cube psychiatric hospital, Wayne often visited Him, promising that he would one day regain his sanity.

Super-Powers Edit

  • Superhuman strength
  • Superhuman speed
  • Superhuman senses
  • Sharp claws and teeth
  • Diving skills
  • Wrestling skills
  • Engineering skills
  • Gladiator suit

Notes Edit

  • He know Devilman's real name.
  • He was take a part at the "Titan Wars", where he broke his arms
  • This amalgamination of my favorite villains
  • Waylon was captured by the Thunderbolts Squad
  • At the Devilman live-action series he was played by Matt Akinuoye-Agbaje
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