Hal Banner aka The Incredible Green Beast was a scientist working on gamma bombs for the war, but didn't think making gamma bombs was the right hing. Just then, an alien ship crashed in the testing area, and he ran out to see what it was. Just then, the alien threw Hal, who did have secret anger problems, a green ring, which was supposed to simply give him the power of a Hulk Lantern, since he was worthy to become the new Hulk Lantern, but the ring absorbed and was affected by Gamma, turning him into the most dangerous Hulk Lantern of all.... GREEN BEAST! Lantern of Anger!

Rogues GalleryEdit

  • Abominax, a russian soldier who put on an Abomination Lantern's ring found inside a meteor. It transformed him into a giant, yellow monster, Abominax, Lantern of Destruction! (Abomination/Parallax)
  • General Ross, a general in the amy who really wanted to take down the Green Beast, and eventually found a Rulk Ring, making him the Red Beast! Lantern of Chaos! (Red Hulk/Sinestro)
  • Hector Sterns, a janitor who felt like a nobody and wanted to the boss for once. When he was moving a box of stuff onto a truck, it accidently tipped over, and he found a dead alien, which was the Lantern of Intelligence until it died, and when he touched it, the dead alien got into his mind, and mutated him into a green-skinned ego-maniac dead set on proving he IS the new Lantern of Intelligence! (Leader/Hector Hammond)
  • Yellow Hand, a rebellious kid who hated everything and grew up to be a scientist at Area 51, where he found an old machine in storage, which he was amazed by, and when he touched it, a giant electric shock went straight through him, turning him into the Yellow Hand, a creature so powerful, Green Beast could barely beat it by himself!! (Black Hand/Zzzax)
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