Green spider
Green Spider (Peter Jordan)
was a weak teenager who found a dying alien name Aben-Surker who was a Green Spider Corps member. He gave his ring to Peter, telling him with great power must come great bravery.

Green Spider Corps OathEdit

"In Blackest Day,

In Darkest Night,

No Evil Shall Escape My Power,

For My Ring From Outer

Space Shall Find You,

And Put An End To The Evil You Do!"


The hero that would one day become Green Spider was a high school student named Peter Jordan. He lived with his Aunt May. He went to a beach party with the kids from high school, but when the bully Eugene "Blur" Dickles beat him up he left, embarassed, and on the way home had to walk through the woods, and found the dying alien Aben-Surker, a Green Spider, who gave him the Green Spider ring so he could replace him.

Friends and EnemiesEdit

  • Ben Reilley/Kyle Rayner: Kyle Reilley a.k.a Emerald Spider
  • Kaine/Jade:
  • Mary Jane Watson/Carol Ferris: Carol Jane Ferris
  • Black Cat/Star Sapphire: Sapphire Cat
  • Chameleon/Doctor Polaris: Doctor Chameleon
  • Green Goblin/Sinestro: Yellow Goblin
  • Harry Osborn/Arkillo: Yellow Goblin II
  • Lizard/Sonar: Banshee
  • Aunt May/Allen Scott: May Jordan or whatever
  • Venom/Parallax: Venallax
  • Vulture/Black Hand: Black Vulture
  • Mysterio/Nekron: Mysterion
  • Sinister Six/Red Lantern Corps: Sinister Corps
  • Doctor Octopus/Atrocitus: Octocitus
  • Kraven The Hunter/Tattooed Man: Tattooed Hunter
  • Electro/Larfleeze: Larflectro
  • Menace/Karu-Sil: Menu-Sil
  • Rhino/Solomon Grundy: Ram
  • Spider-Slayers/Manhunters: Manslayers
  • Morbius/DevilDog: DevilBat