X-Titans (X-Men + Teen Titans)

Bloodlocks (Morlocks + Blood Pack)

Super Four (Fantastic Four/Future Foundation + Superman Family)

Lunatic Fringe (Sinister Syndicate + Arkham Asylum Inmates)


Avenging League (Avengers + Justice League)

Avenging League Excelsior (Excalibur + Justice League Europe)

Invaders Society (Invaders + Justice Society)

Outer-Defenders (Defenders + Outsiders)

Fright Squad (Frightful Four + Superman Revenge Squad)

Thunder Squad (Thunderbolts + Suicide Squad)

Generation 10 (Generation X + Gen13)

Forever Warriors (New Warriors + Forever People)

Green Nova Corps (Nova Corps + Green Lantern Corps)

New Humans of the New Moon (Inhumans of Attilan/Blue Area of the Moon + New Gods of New Genesis)

Alpha Patrol (Alpha Flight + Doom Patrol)

Imperial Legion (Imperial Guard + Legion of Super-Heroes)

Renegades (Runaways + Superboy and the Ravers)

Global Initiative (Fifty-State Initiative + Global Guardians)

Relative Pack (Power Pack + Relative Heroes)

X-Rejects (X-Men 2099/X-Nation + Legion of Substitute Heroes/Rejects)

Annihilation Corps (Annihilation Wave + Sinestro Corps)

Young Vengeance (Young Avengers + Young Justice)

Murderers (Marauders + Dark Nemesis)

Extreme Force (Force Works + Extreme Justice)

Star Challengers (Starjammers + Challengers of the Unknown)

Champions Squadron (Squadron Supreme + Champions of Angor)

Chess Club (Hellfire Club + Checkmate)

Eternalypmians (Eternals + Olympians)

Refugees of Tomorrow (Exiles + Legends of Tomorrow)

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